What Happened To Matthias Mangiapane’s Teeth? Full Details

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Matthias Mangiapane has undoubtedly made a name for himself in reality television. With his engaging personality, entrepreneurial ventures, and constant presence on TV screens, he continues to captivate audiences and significantly impact the entertainment industry.

Matthias Mangiapane’s Biography

Matthias Mangiapane, born on September 29, 1983, in Langen, Germany, is a well-known reality television participant.

Giuseppe Mangiapane, an Italian bodywork mechanic, and Dagmar Mangiapane, a German hotel manager, were his parents.

Matthias was raised in Hesse and had a typical childhood. He attended a business high school after finishing secondary school and after that worked as an independent sales representative in Meiningen.

His actual interest, however, was hairdressing; therefore, he opted to complete an apprenticeship in Darmstadt to become a professional hairdresser in 2004.

Matthias met Hubert Fella in 2006 while studying at Darmstadt. They grew close and eventually married in Mallorca in 2012. They worked together in Fella’s travel agency in Hammelburg until its sale in 2018. Matthias, not to be deterred, went on to open his own travel business.

Matthias, in addition to his career in the tourism business, owned a tanning and nail shop from 2008 to 2016, demonstrating his entrepreneurial drive.

He married Hubert Fella in a grandiose wedding ceremony at Engers Castle on May 8, 2018, which was chronicled in a six-part documentary soap named “Hubert & Matthias – The Wedding” on VOX.

Matthias is a well-known figure in the world of reality television. He has been on VOX in various shows, including “Ab ins Beet” and “Hot or Schrott.” In 2017, he garnered great notice for participating in the popular show “The Summer House of the Stars,” where he and Hubert achieved third place.

He came in fifth place on “I’m a Celebrity—Get Me Out of Here!” in 2018.

In 2020, he continued his reality TV experience by competing in the Sat.1 reality show “Promis unter Palmen,” finishing second. This triumph, however, was overshadowed by media stories accusing him, together with Carina Spack and Bastian Yotta, of bullying another participant, Claudia Obert.

Matthias made another memorable appearance in the boxing ring in September 2020, when he defeated Julian FM Stoeckel on Sat.1’s celebrity boxing.

Matthias has made numerous television appearances during his career, demonstrating his flexibility as a performer. “Off to Bed!” (2011-2012), “The pop stars” (2014), and “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner – Jungle Special” (2018) are a few of these shows.

He’s also dabbled in music, releasing singles like “Summ Summ Summ – I want you” (2012) and “Birthday song (We wish you all the best)” (2014).

What Happened To Matthias Mangiapane’s Teeth? Full Details

Matthias Mangiapane always had a dream of having his teeth become very white and artificial. Speaking during an interview with GALA, he said: “I feel very good about it, and yes, I wanted my teeth to be as white and artificial as they are now; no matter what they say, I love artificial teeth, I love artificial looks and I defend it too. ”




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