What Happened To Jeni Haynes Siblings?

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Jeni Haynes hails from Durham and she is reported to have been raped and molested by her own father, Richard Haynes on numerous occasions over a long period of time.

Jeni Haynes grew up in County Durham and she is reported to have been subjected to rape and molestation right from age 4 to 11 by her own father, Richard Haynes.

This resulted in her suffering from a dissociative identity disorder. This disorder represents multiple personalities with separate memories and behavior patterns existing in one person.

Through the ordeal at the hands of her father , Jeni Haynes created over 2,500 separate personalities who protected her as best they could from the ordeal.

Due to reports made by Jeni Haynes about Richard Haynes, he was deported from the United Kingdom to Sydney, Australia in 2017. It must be noted that it was in 2009 that Jeni Haynes made the reports about the abuse at the hands of her own father known to the Police.

Eventually, when Richard Haynes admitted assaulting Jeni Haynes, he was sentenced to between 33 years and 45 years in prison in 2019.

The story has it that in 1974, the Haynes family moved from Bexleyheath, London to London, Australia and it was at that time that her father started molesting her. She was then four years old.

Quite strangely, it was reported that Richard Haynes molested Jeni Haynes on a daily basis.

Jeni Haynes was cruelly abused by her father for seven years and quite interestingly, she survived the ordeals due to the dissociative identity disorder she was suffering from.

Some of her identities include four-year-old Symphony, teenage motorcycle-loving Muscles, forthright Judas and eight-year-old Ricky.

Jeni Haynes Siblings: What Happened To Them

Jeni Haynes is known to have two siblings; a brother and sister. Their names are not readily available and not much is known about them.

Unlike Jeni Haynes who was raped and molested for seven years, her two siblings seem not to have been subjected to the same treatment in the hands of Richard Haynes.

According to Jeni Haynes, her mother and two siblings did not know about her plight.

Regardless of that , her siblings and mother would obviously be stunned and terrified about the wicked act by Richard Haynes.

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