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What Does A Long Absence Of Sex Turns A Man Into. September 2023

Regardless of the numerous benefits of sex, certain men may decide to stop having sex for several reasons. Even though absence of sex may be beneficial, several things may happen to a man during this sexual dry spell.

This post will show you what a long absence of sex will turn a man into, both the pros and the cons.

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Why Certain Men Avoid Sex

A man who isn’t in a romantic relationship may put sex on hold until he finds someone.

Also, due to religious beliefs, certain men may avoid sex.

Again, as a result of stress especially from work, certain men doesn’t have interest in sex.

Moreover, relationship issues with a partner may cause a man not to have sex.

Furthermore, low sex drive or health issues may prevent some men from having sex.

Finally, sex isn’t a priority for most men who avoid sex. Their jobs, assets, kids, hobbies, friends, families, etc may rather be their priorities.

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What Happens When A Man Don’t Have Sex

Our bodies respond differently to circumstances, therefore most men aren’t going to experience the same symptoms due to long absence of sex.

Notwithstanding, majority of men will experience the following conditions due to long absence of sex: heart disease risk, high prostate cancer risk, weak immune system and low sexual desire.

Long absence of sex can turn a man into depression or anxiety, frequent illness, poor prostate health, high chance of developing cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone levels, low libido, low sperm quality, and stressful relationship.

What Does A Long Absence Of Sex Turns A Man Into

The following below are the risk factors associated with long absence of sex in men:

High Heart Disease Risk

Sex can promote cardiovascular health. Since it’s a form of exercise, it lowers: cholesterol levels, stress levels and blood pressure level. Absence of sex will rip a man of these benefits.

Studies show that, men who have sex at least twice in a a week have lower risk of heart disease than those who don’t have sex at all.

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High Prostate Cancer Risk

Frequent ejaculation as a result of sex improves prostate health. According to studies, inability to ejaculate can lead to prostate cancer.

A 2016 study has shown that, men who ejaculate for a minimum 21 times in a month have lower risk of prostate cancer as compared to those who ejaculate 4 to 7 times in a month.

Mental Health Problems

Most studies have shown that, long absence of sex can turn a man into depression or distress.

Bottom Line

Not all men will experience the symptoms mentioned above, however most men are likely to have these symptoms.


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