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The Wesley Girls’ High School Emblem

Established in 1873 by Mrs Harriet Wrigley, the wife of a Methodist minister and the second Methodist missionary to visit the then Gold Coast, Wesley Girls’ High School has gone on to become one of the most prestigious second cycle institutions in Ghana for the education of the girl child.

Wesley Girls’ High School is nested in Kakumdo, which literally translates to “on top of Kakum,” in the Central Region which also surprisingly serves as the home of quite a majority of the notable secondary schools in Ghana.

A Picture of the School Campus.

As a missionary-affiliated school, the school espouses Christian values which are reflected in the daily and weekly routines of its students as well as its motto “Live Pure, Speak True, Right Wrong, Follow the King.”

The school is currently headed by Mrs. Kay Oppong-Ankomah who was appointed in 2018. Wesley Girls’ High School is also noted for producing quite a number of women who are influential in the Ghanaian public life.

These include two sitting members of the Supreme Court of Ghana; Justice Prof. Joy Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu and Ms Avril Lovelace-Johnson, Former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo, Member of Parliament and daughter of former President J.J. Rawlings Ms Zenator Agyemang-Rawlings, famous musician Becca and acclaimed writer Ama Ata Aidoo.

Justice of the Supreme Court Prof. Joy Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu

It is quite easy for any keen observer to distinguish between first year students of Wesley Girls’ High School and continuing students based on their uniform design even though both groups of students wear the famous colours of the school; yellow and green.

The difference however is that, as their uniform, first year students of Wesley Girls’ High School wear a deep green sleeveless and knee-length dress.

Although sleeveless, there is absolutely no likelihood of exposure of the torso since the neck of the dress is a very shallow V-neck lined with yellow fabric.

A Couple of Wesley Girls’ High School Freshers at an Exhibition.

The same yellow fabric also lines the opening of the two pockets which are found on the front part of the dress. Students are expected to wear a pair of sandals to complete the look.

For continuing students, the uniform is a combination of the famous yellow and green colours of the school. Continuing students wear a short-sleeved shirt whose colour lies delicately between yellow and lime green but tilting more towards the former.

A green strip of fabric runs around each sleeve about an inch from the base. The shirt is complimented by a short flying tie which is green in colour with four yellow stripes running diagonally from the left-hand side of the wearer to the right.

For prefects, these short-sleeved shirts come with green epaulettes or what one may easily describe as shoulder straps.

Epaulette as Shown in Picture

These epaulettes are similar in design to what one would find on any Ghanaian security service personnel’s uniform. The epaulettes are provided for prefects who wear green ornamental pieces (also confusingly known as epaulettes) to signify their position.

The shirt is worn on top of a green knee-length skirt with a yellow strip running from the hip to the bottom of the skirt. Once again, students are expected to finish off the look with a neat pair of sandals.

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