Werner Kreindl Cause of Deatth

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Werner Kreindl was born on October 20, 1927, in Wels and he was an Austrian actor. Right from his childhood days, Werner Kreindl was interested in a stage career but he had an opposition due to military service as he was shot in the head at age 17.

Concerning education, Werner Kreindl studied German and theater studies in Vienna and it is important to note that he was the head of student theater as at that time.

He had some engagements in Vienna and Graz, and with the passage of time, he got a reputation as a character actor. He was subsequently hired to work at Vienna’s Burgtheater.

He also worked at Bonn, Munich and Darmstadt, Berlin and Hamburg. Werner Kreindl started making appearances for television in the 196os and notable among the series he was involved in include the multi-part series Nobile – Seven Weeks on the Ice (1967) and the television film The Reichstag Fire Trial.

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Other television appearances he made were in The Red Chapel, in the crime thriller The Moon Diamond, in the thriller The Beautiful End of This World and in film adaptations of challenging material such as The Eichmann Protocol, Theater Blood, The Holy Experiment and the political thriller Accurate to the Day.

It must be also noted that Werner Kreindl played the role of Artur Kupfer in the film adaptation of The Student Gerber In 1981.

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For his performance in the film adaptation of The Student Gerber, he received a gold film ribbon and he also got the opportunity to be part of the US television four-part series Holocaust.

With Holocaust, he played his role alongside Meryl Streep and James Woods . Werner Kreindl was also featured in crime series such as Der Alte and Derrick.

Werner Kreindl Cause of Deatth

Werner Kreindl died on June 6, 1992 . He was 64 years old at the time of death and he died after suffering a heart attack. His grave site is in the Bogenhausen cemetery in Munich and he was noted to have married several times. His third marriage was to Irène Kuhn, a translator and his fourth marriage was to the actress Diana Körner.

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A summary of the films Werner Kreindl was involved in include 1962: Two Bavarians in Bonn, 1965: Timeout, 1966: Freedom in December 1966: Farewell to Yesterday, 1966: The Good Man of Sichuan, 1966: Only one will live, 1967: Long-distance driver, 1967: The Fifth Column – A Call from the Zone, 1967: The Crime Museum – The Camera, 1967: Nobile – Seven Weeks on the Ice (multi-part), 1967: The Reichstag fire trial1969: America or the Missing One, 1969: Rebellion of the Lost and 1969: The second shot.

Others include 1983: The Sailors of Kronstadt, 1983: Yesterday at Müllers (series), 1983: The Beautiful End of this world, 1984: The Iron Way (multi-part), 1985: The Beginners, 1985: Gambit, 1985: Side Stitch and 1985: The Black Forest Clinic (2 episodes).

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