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Waterproof cements are also known to be water resistant cements. Usually, waterproof cements are used in buildings, watercraft, canvas, clothing (raincoats or waders), electronic devices, basements, decks, wet areas, etc. 

Waterproofing is the act of treating something to make it repel water. This technique protects structures and the assets within them against damaging moisture, humidity, floods and etc. 

Anyway, someone might ask; are waterproof cements all that costly? Well, get the answer as you move along in this post. Again, you might want to know more about waterproof cements, where to get one and etc. 

Take note, this post is designed to enlighten you on anything concerning waterproof cements.

Key Points

  • Details About Waterproof Cements
  • Prices Of Waterproof Cements
  • Where To Buy Waterproof Cements

About Waterproof Cements

Waterproof cements are admixtures (additional ingredients that are added by mixing with the base). Basically, we can get a waterproof cement when an ordinary portland cement (OPC) is added with water repellant chemicals. 

Prices Of Waterproof Cements

The prices of waterproof cements varies a bit however, I will be giving you an estimate in order to help you make a great budget.

The Dr Fixit Water Proof Cement which is 1kg, goes for GH¢ 20 – GH¢ 24. This type of waterproof cement can be used in concrete mixing and also, can be utilized for buildings at waterlogged areas.

Then also, the waterproof cement (for paint peeling treatment) also goes for GH¢ 20 – GH¢ 24.

Another waterproof cement worth talking about is the watertite waterproof hydraulic cement. The watertite waterproof hydraulic cement adheres to wet surfaces and also, it creates watertite seal within 5 minutes or less. 

The watertite waterproof hydraulic cement goes for GH₵ 250 — GH₵ 280. Usually, the watertite waterproof hydraulic cement can be used to seal deep cracks and holes.

In addition, the watertite waterproof hydraulic cement can be used to prevent flacking of walls in waterlogged places. Moreover, it can be utilized for patching and anchoring. 

Where To Buy Waterproof Cements

Wondering where you can purchase a waterproof cement? Or yet still, you might want to know the companies that deals in waterproofing? Check the list below to look out for these companies. Do contact them for the exact prices of their products.

  • Permafix Industries (GHANA) Ltd, Accra
  • Jiji Ghana, online
  • Skidcom Company Limited (XYPEX), Accra — (Waterproofing Company)
  • Hiralco Company Ltd ( Spintex Branch), Accra — (Waterproofing Company)
  • Mr. Right Mix – Ghana, Accra — (Waterproofing Company)
  • Salt Lake Cement Ltd., Kumasi — (Building materials store)
  • African Concrete Products, Accra — (Building materials store)
  • BUILDMATE GHANA, Construction Chemical Company, Accra 
  • Severyne Enterprise, Accra — (Home improvement store)
  • Premier Steel Ltd, Accra — (Building materials store)
  • Intexa Ltd, Accra — (Building materials store)
  • Cement House, Accra — (Building materials store)
  • Parcast Concrete & Granite Products Ltd., Accra — (Building materials store)
  • Pneumafix Enterprise, Tema — (Cement Manufacturer)
  • Srm Construction — (Waterproofing company)
  • Sochem Construction Chemicals, Accra — (Building materials supplier)
  • CIMAF Cement Ghana Factory, Tema — construction company
  • K R Enterprises — (Cement supplier)
  • Xypex Chemical Corporation — (Building materials store)

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