Wall stickers Price in Ghana & Where to Buy

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Do you want to give your room a new touch and feel? Then this post is for you. Wall stickers make rooms livelier and more attractive than traditional paints.

Wall stickers are easy and fast to apply than paints.

In this post, I am going to make known to you the price of room wall stickers in Ghana and where to buy them at cheap prices.

Wall sticker price.

Wood effect German wallpaper = GHC 120.00

Wall stickers Price in Ghana & Where to Buy 1


Wallpaper Rasch Textil Nature Grey Anthracite 285122 = ₵120.00

Wall stickers Price in Ghana & Where to Buy 2


Arthouse Portia Sophia Stripe Red 614802 = GHC 120.00

Wall stickers Price in Ghana & Where to Buy 3


Muriva Bluff Purple Silk Fabric Effect Wallpaper F72906 = GH₵120.00

Wall stickers Price in Ghana & Where to Buy 4

Muriva Precious Silk Leaf Silhouette Black Wallpaper 701306 = GH₵120.00

Wall stickers Price in Ghana & Where to Buy 5

Arthouse VIP Black Brick Wall Pattern Wallpaper 623007



Rasch Textil Striped Black White Wallpaper 285467



VIP Wood Cabin Distressed Wooden Effect Vinyl Wallpaper 622009



Superfresco Easy Industry Brick Rouge Wallpaper 4001



Luxury Muriva Rainforest Bamboo Trees Vinyl Wallpaper J41504



Arthouse VIP Moroccan Stone Wall Brick Effect Wallpaper 623000



Muriva Bluff Embossed Brick Effect Wallpaper J30309



Arthouse Red Farmhouse Brick Wallpaper – 665505



Super Fresco Easy Polygon Blue Reference 7356



Fabric Style Tribal Designer Blown Vinyl Wallpaper J11607



Ugepa”Bluff” Wallpaper J05307



Muriva Just Like It Loft Brick Faux Vinyl Wallpaper J71408



Geometric Decori Milano City Wallpaper 55706



Blue Decori Milano City wallpaper 55767



Color Symphony Embossed Wallpaper – J77600



Muriva Village Print Mural Vinyl Wallpaper J70707


Where to buy wall stickers in Ghana.

There are different sellers of room wallpapers. We’ve done the job of compiling them for your view. Below is the list of where you can buy wall stickers.

It is advised that you compare prices before you decide where to buy from.

Orca Deco – Accra: (+233) 24 440 0444, Kumasi: +233(0) 50 163 3554       

Chuvie Ghana – +233509442528, +233558464061

You can also get affordable wallpapers on JUMIA.

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