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Vyvianna Quinonez was all over the internet after her dramatic attack on a flight attendant. You might be guessing who she is and moreover, who did she attack? See what actually inspired that attack. Also, details about Vyvianna Quinonez Instagram account has been provided in this post. 

Was Vyvianna Quinonez defending herself or deliberately attacked the flight attendant? Was Vyvianna Quinonez bailed or imprisoned? More details about Vyvianna Quinonez have been provided in this post. 

Who Is Vyvianna Quinonez?

Vyvianna Quinonez is 29 years old. She is from Antelope, California. Vyvianna Quinonez attended both Sierra College and California State University-Sacramento. She works as a waitress at a restaurant.

In May 2021, a flight was heading towards San Diego from Sacramento and then, an attack occured. Guess what, Vyvianna Quinonez attacked a flight attendant and then, knocked out two of her (attendant’s) teeth. 

In a video of the event that circulated on social media, Vyvianna Quinonez was seen smiting the flight attendant several times, rendering the her (attendant) with a bloody mouth and face. After the assault, Vyvianna Quinonez was taken off from the flight by police. 

Vyvianna Quinonez was indicted with felony battery and discharged from prison after $35,000 bail. On September 30, Vyvianna Quinonez appeared in San Diego County Court and then, sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.

But then, her mother together with her lawyer were displeased with the decision by the court claiming their client was just defending herself. 

“During the flight’s final drop/ descent, Quinonez refused/failed to comply with federal rules and regulations. She wasn’t putting on/wearing her seat belt, pulled her tray table down, and wasn’t putting on/wearing her facemask properly. Court documents emphasized that, Quinonez failed to comply when a flight attendant cautioned her to fasten her seatbelt. A short time later, another flight attendant cautioned Quinonez to fasten her seat belt and stow her tray table for her own safety and wear her mask correctly. Quinonez did not comply and talked back to the flight attendant while shouting profanities,” The above is a statement written by DOJ. 

Vyvianna Quinonez Instagram

Many are wondering whether Vyvianna Quinonez is on Instagram or not. She became well-known after attacking a flight attendant. This happened in 2021. But then, she was charged and taken to the court. After the court proceedings, Vyvianna Quinonez was imprisoned to 15 months and then, barred from flying with Southwest Airlines

If she is on Instagram, what is her social media handle? 

To state, Vyvianna Quinonez does not have any Instagram account. Probably she might be off from social media due to backlashes.



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