Vittoria Deganello Boyfriend: Full Details

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Vittoria Deganello was born on February 10, 1994, in Italy and she can be described as an Instagram star as well as a Reality TV personality. It must be mentioned that she got national attention due to her appearance on the Men and Women show in 2007.

As an Instagram star, Vittoria Deganello is quite active on social media and has about 480,000 followers on Instagram. It must be noted that Vittoria Deganello can be considered as one of the famous and trending celebrities. She is currently 29 years old.

There is no currently no update on the educational background and childhood days of Vittoria Deganello. The schools she attended and the qualifications she has are yet to be updated.

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As an Instagram star as well as Reality TV, it is obvious that Vittoria Deganello has made some money. She is believed to be worth between $100, 000 and $1 million as of 2019. Details about her family are also yet to be updated.

Even though there are aren’t much details about the family of Vittoria Deganello, it is known she has four brothers. It is also reported that when she made an appearance in Men and Women, she did so with Mattia Marciano. Mattia Marciano was then the boyfriend of Vittoria Deganello but they separated in August 2018.

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Vittoria Deganello is said to have read Physiotherapy at a University and she is also a model. She stands at 167 centimeters. Her Instagram account is @vittoriadeganello.When Vittoria Deganello was a child, she became the protagonist of many photos shoots due to her stunning beauty.

She participated in Men and Women after he was encouraged to do so by Andrea Damante. Interestingly, there are reports or rumors about the fact that Vittoria Deganello has had a retouch of her breasts.

Her breasts were not that accentuated in her first photos on social media but for now, recent photos prove that her breasts have been retouched. As a matter of fact, there are photos that show Vittoria Deganello wearing a support bra typical of those who have undergone cosmetic surgery on their breasts.

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Vittoria Deganello Boyfriend

Vittoria Deganello is believed to be dating and in a relationship with footballer, Alessandro Murgia. This is so regardless of the fact that Alessandro Murgia may have fathered a son by Eleanor Mazarin. It is currently reported that Vittoria Deganello and Alessandro Murgia are no longer together. She is most likely to be single now.


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