Vito Iacopelli Net Worth

By | August 29, 2022

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About Vito Iacopelli

Italy’s Bari is where Vito Iacopelli was born. He was raised between the Chicago and Bari pizzerias owned by his maternal and paternal grandfathers. He is the third generation pizza chef on both sides of my family, and both pizzerias opened in the 1960s.

Vito Iacopelli’s Early Life

At the tender age of 7, he began baking pizza and developed the talents that still benefit him now!

He immigrated to the US and assisted in the establishment of Michael’s Pizzeria in Long Beach, California, which promptly won Zagat’s prestigious title of “Best Pizza Joint in the USA” for the years 2013–2014.

He launched “PROVA The Art of Pizza,” his very own pizzeria, in 2014. In 2015–2016, after experiencing significant success with his restaurant, he claimed the title of “Best Neapolitan Pizza in the World.”

In 2017, “Gambero Rosso” named PROVA “The Best Pizzeria in Los Angeles & Southern California.”

In 2019, he established a brand-new pizzeria called PROVAMI by Vito Iacopelli, and he repeated as the winner of Zagat’s “Best Pizza in Los Angeles” award.

He won second place for “Top Neapolitan Pizza in America” and second place for “Best Neapolitan Pizza in The World” at the 2017 Pizza Expo Las Vegas, an international competition featuring the best pizza chefs from all around the world.

He franchised three pizzerias between 2017 and 2018, one in Mexico and two in Colombia. He intends to keep putting up numerous franchise locations all around the world.

Vito Iacopelli Net Worth 1

He is highly recognized in Hollywood for his high-end, private catering, where he prepares meals and instructs some of the most well-known celebrities on how to make Vito’s renowned pizza!

He is well-known throughout the world not only for his incredible pizza but also for his PizzaTV YouTube channel, where millions of people watch his films. More than 410,000 people subscribe to PizzaTV.

He established the first-ever Pizza Master Class in 2020 (, which provides access to a library of expertly produced movies and other educational resources.

The class quickly became popular, and thousands of people from all around the world are now enrolled. Even Nevertheless, fresh students continue to enroll in the course every day.

His goal is to spread the best pizza-making knowledge possible.

Vito Iacopelli Net Worth

Vito Iacopelli Net worth: $95,424

How much money does Vito Iacopelli make from YouTube?

Last 30 days’ Earnings: $2,410 – $6,882

Average Monthly Earnings: $733 – $2,092

Annual Earnings: $8,912 – $25,450

Lifetime Earnings: $74,294 – $212,152

Vito Iacopelli makes an average of $147 to $421 from each video, and their estimated net worth is from $56.4000 to $106,000. The number of monthly views, the nation, the number of subscribers, and user interaction are only a few of the variables used to determine net worth. These criteria lead us to believe that Vito Iacopelli’s YouTube channel may bring in anywhere from $732 to $2,000 each month.

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