Vincent Kartheiser Siblings: Meet Colette, Andrea, Nathan, Theresa and Elise Kartheiser

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Vincent Kartheiser siblings: who are Vincent Kartheiser siblings? How many siblings does Vincent Kartheiser have? How many sisters does Vincent Kartheiser have? In this write up, we will be introducing you to the siblings of actor, Vincent Kartheiser.

Who Is Vincent Kartheiser? 

Vincent Paul Kartheiser is an American actor born on May 5, 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to James Ralph Kartheiser and Janet Marie. He is the last child of his parents but also the most famous amongst his siblings.

Kartheiser dropped out of high school when he was 15 years old to pursue his dreams of acting because he “wanted to make money”. At the time, he was in Apple Valley High School in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

He started out by performing in theatre productions in Minneapolis on the stage of Children’s Theatre Company. He later made his film debut in “Untamed Heart” (1995), which was a minor role by the way.

Kartheiser went on to play a minor role in “The Indian in the Cupboard” (1995) as Gillon which was then followed by a major role in “Alaska” (1996). Since then, he has gone on to play starring roles in films like Masterminds, Another Day in Paradise, Mad Men (2007-2015), Angel (2002-2004), etc.

He received a main role in the season 3 of HBO series “Titans” as Dr. Jonathan Crane in 2021.

As an actor, Kartheiser has received a number of nominations including six Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

When it comes to his personal life, Kartheiser was married to actress Alexis Bledel from 2014 to 2022. The two actors started dating in 2012 thereabouts and tied the knot in June 2014 in California.

However, after 8 years of marriage that produced a son, Kartheiser filed for divorce on August 10,  2022 and the process was finalized 16 days later.

Vincent Kartheiser siblings
Vincent Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser Siblings: Meet Colette, Theresa, Elise, Andrea and Nathan Kartheiser 

Actor Vincent Kartheiser is the last of six siblings. He has five elder siblings who have chosen to live private lives away from the spotlight.

Out of his five siblings, four are females and one male. Their names are Colette Kartheiser, Andrea Kartheiser, Theresa Kartheiser, Elise Kartheiser and Nathan Kartheiser.

Due to the fact that they have chosen careers that isn’t in the spotlight, we do not have any information about their personal lives or what they are up to as we speak.

How Many Sisters Does Vincent Kartheiser Have? 

Kartheiser is four elder sisters namely Theresa Kartheiser, Andrea Kartheiser, Colette Kartheiser and Elise Kartheiser. But because he happens to be the only sibling living in the spotlight, we do not have much information about his sisters aside their names.

Who Is Vincent Kartheiser Brother? 

Nathan Kartheiser is the elder brother of Vincent Kartheiser. He happens to be his only brother as well in the midst of four sisters.

Nathan isn’t as famous as his brother, Vincent due to the career he has chosen for himself.

Who Are Vincent Kartheiser Parents? 

Vincent Kartheiser and his five siblings were born to James Ralph Kartheiser and Janet Marie.

His father, James sold construction equipment whereas his mother, Janet operated a nursery.

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