Vera Birkenbihl’s Husband: All You Need To Know

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Vera Birkenbihl was a German management trainer and non-fiction author. She was born on April 26, 1946, in Munich, Germany. Her father was Michael Birkenbihl, a personal trainer and management consultant.

At an early stage in the life of Vera Birkenbihl, she dropped out of school due to conflicts at home, but later on, she studied psychology and journalism. Impressively, Vera Birkenbihl in 1969, developed learning techniques and a year later, she had her first lectures and seminars in the USA.

After two years, Vera Birkenbihl worked as a freelance trainer and author and lived in her parent’s house in her hometown of Odelzhausen. She gained notoriety due to the self-developed language learning method, the Birkenbihl method.

It is important to note that she touched on brain-friendly learning and teaching, analytical and creative thinking, personal development, numerology, pragmatic esotericism, brain-specific gender differences and future viability in her seminars and publications.

She founded a publishing house and also set up The Institute for Brain-Friendly Work in 1973. Vera Birkenbihl has published so many books and some of these books include Still learning: learning to learn. mvg-Verlag,straw in the head? – Or: Instructions for use for the brain. 9th edition, straw in the head? From brain owner to brain user. mvg-Verlag, Communication training: successfully designing interpersonal relationships. mvg-Verlag, 2007, as well as The Birkenbihl Method: Intermediate Spanish 1. birkenbihl-media, 1998.

As of 2000, she had sold 2 million books. She is the originator of the ABC list method.

Vera Birkenbihl was inducted into the 2008 Hall of Fame by German Speakers Association and she won the 2010 Coaching Award – Special Achievements and Merits.

Vera Birkenbihl’s Husband

There is no information on the husband of Vera Birkenbihl as of now. There isn’t also any information to suggest she has children or not.

She is believed to have Asperger’s Syndrome. Vera Birkenbihl is also reported to have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer in the spring of 2011.

However, she died on December 3, 2011, in Osterholz-Scharmbeck when she was 65 years old.

She died of pulmonary embolism and she got buried in the neighboring municipality of Hambergen. Ten years after her death, her books are still in high demand.

She was worth about $13 Million.

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