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Who Is Uschi Brüning?

Uschi Brüning is a German jazz and soul singer and songwriter who gained popularity in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Brüning, a Leipzig native, was raised by her mother alone when her father abandoned the family when she was a small child.

Before rejoining their mother, she and her sister spent two years in a children’s home. Young Brüning had a love for singing, and at age 13, she started appearing on stage.

Uschi Brüning
Uschi Brüning

Despite her talent, Brüning initially did not think about pursuing a career in singing. She instead received training for administrative work in the legal field and became a court secretary.

However, her extraordinary singing voice did not go unnoticed, and in the late 1960s, she was given the opportunity to join the renowned band of trumpeter Klaus Lenz. Her musical career as a professional began with this chance.

Brüning attended the Musikschule Friedrichshain in Berlin on a part-time basis in order to pursue a career in music. She earned a degree in 1971 and afterwards qualified as a professional vocalist in East Germany.

With Lenz’s band, Brüning kept performing and became well-known for her dynamic performances. She performed on stage alongside renowned musicians like Manfred Krug while on tour in East Germany.

As jazz music’s limitations loosened under Erich Honecker’s direction, Brüning’s musical aesthetic evolved from Schlager and chanson-style music to jazz.

She started her own band, “Uschi Brüning & Co,” in 1975, and in 1982, her third LP record was issued. As Brüning’s career flourished, she rose to prominence in the East German jazz scene.

Brüning performed for the first time outside of the “internal border” to the west in Frankfurt, Germany, during the inaugural International Women’s Jazz Festival in 1986.

She also worked with Ernst-Ludwig “Luten” Petrowsky, a saxophonist whom she married in 1982. Due to her skill and reputation, Brüning was able to tour and perform abroad, including with Ali Haurand’s European Jazz Ensemble.

Brüning kept on performing and working with other musicians when Germany was reunited. She collaborated once more with Manfred Krug in 2014 for a string of concerts titled “Manfred Krug reads and s(w)ings” The CD “So wie ich” by Brüning was a 2017 Echo Jazz Prize nominee.

She is still performing, and her deep voice and interpretation of jazz and soul have never failed to mesmerise crowds.

Uschi Brüning’s career is a monument to her talent and tenacity since it shows how well she made the transition from the East German music scene to Germany after reunification.

Her fan base is still mostly in the east, where her potent performances made a big impression. Her influence on German jazz and soul music has cemented Brüning’s position as one of the most well-known and influential musicians in former East Germany.

Uschi Brüning Cause Of Death

Uschi Brunning is still alive at the time that this article was been written. She is very much focused on her career as well as her family.

Uschi Brüning Husband

Uschi Brüning was married to Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, often called Luten Petrowsky who was a German jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, flautist, composer and author.

Uschi Brüning Family

Uschi Brüning’s family happens to be her husband Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, often called Luten Petrowsky as well as her mother and siblings.

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