Ultimate Maca Pills Price In Ghana

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Buttocks enhancing has become a very important topic in the country now. Most men are attracted to women with the heavy backside. This has made girls of today with little or no buttocks to hungrily seek for means to improve their defect. Over the years, most women have paid huge sums of money all for butt enhancement.

Well, a few have been successful and the greater percentage haven’t. Are you among the many who have paid huge sums yet no result?

Have you grown tired of searching for means to properly enhance your butt? Ultimate Maca Pills has got you.

Ultimate Maca Pills is a butt and hip improvement supplement known for its enormous butt sorcery.

Formed with all regular butt improving fixings like Aguaje, Fenugreek, Black Maca and Chinese Dong Quai medication known for its hormonal adjusting capacities.

How Ultimate Maca Works

Phytoestrogen got from Aguaje – a 100% regular source and known to be indistinguishable from the body’s own estrogen, is acclimatized into the body. These chemicals are then liable for the turn of events and characterizing of the backside, boobs, and hip.

Ultimate Maca Pills have a full package when taken in. Here are the additions aside butt enhancement that one will have when they take in;

Increases sexual drive
Balances hormones
Bigger, Firmer butt

How Ultimate Maca Pill Is Used

It works by changing the hormones of the woman to enlarge the pelvic and hips.

Take one(1) capsule of Ultimate Maca Plus daily.

Ultimate Maca Pills Ingredients

Ingredients used in making Ultimate Maca Plus are
Aguaje, Dong Quai (25% extract),Maca Roots 7500mg, Herb Powder,Black Maca, Fenugreek, Tribulus, Wild Yaw (25% Diosgenin).

In Ghana, Ultimate Maca Pills is popularly known as an ultimate drug that helps grow the buttocks, hips, and breasts of women.

A lot of stores particularly herbal stores in Ghana sell this product. You can also get some from over-the-counter and medically Licensed drug stores.

The price depends on the store from which you are buying. All Ultimate Maca drugs for butt enhancement are in the pills’ form. A container has 120 pills of 7500mlg. Below are some stores and their prices;

Ultimate Maca Pills Price In Ghana

ADD PHARMA: A container of 90pills — 200gh
A container of 120pills — 250gh

Reapp gh: A container of 90pills –210gh
A container of 120pills — 270gh

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