Types Of Iron Rods In Ghana

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Iron Rods are widely used nowadays but principally in heavy construction projects. Different types of iron rods are employed for different purposes. One can buy an iron rod with or without a corrugated arrangement (or design).

In this post, I have outlined the various types of iron rods in Ghana for you. Before you move on to the list of the types of iron rods, see the differences between an iron and an iron rod below.

Iron And An Iron Rod

An Iron is a naturally occurring element. In other words, an iron can be found in nature and not something created by man. Iron is mined from the iron ore. Iron is denoted by the symbol, ‘Fe’ and has the atomic number of 26. 

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Iron is basically extracted in the state of a sulphide (or oxidised state of iron ore). Initially, the iron ore has to go through a process called reduction in order to transform it into a metallic state. During this process (reduction), oxygen is been drawn out of the ore.

On the other hand, an iron rod is generally the name given to a length of an iron. As mentioned earlier, iron rods are mostly employed in construction projects. Notwithstanding, iron rods are also used for artworks.

Most often, reinforced concretes are entwine with iron rods during construction projects to strengthen the building’s tension.

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Types Of Iron Rods

Basically, iron rods can be grouped into two major categories and they are: Mild steel bars and Deformed steel bars.

Take a look at the types of iron rods and their characteristics below.

Mild Steel Bars

They are utilized for tensile stress of Reinforced cement concrete slab beams in RCC work. Mild Steel Bars are plain in surface and are round sections of diameter from 6 to 50 mm.

These types of rods are produced in long lengths and can be rapidly cut and be bent with ease without causing any damage.

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Various Grades of Mild Steel Bars

They can be further categorized into sequent categories:

A. Mild Steel Bars

i) Mild steel bars grade-I specified as Grade 60

ii) Mild steel bars grade-II specified as Grade 40

B. Medium Tensile Steel Bars denoted as Fe- 540-w-ht or Grade 75

Deformed Steel Bars

Deformed Steel Bars are also known as bent bars. They are rods of steels designed with lugs, ribs or deformation on the surface of the bar. Deformed Steel bars minimise slippage in concrete and enhance the bond between the two materials. They have high tensile strength than the mild steel bars.





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