Transport Fares To Go Up By 30% Starting Friday Over High Fuel Prices


Members of the Private Commercial Transport Operators have hinted at a 30 per cent increase in transportation fares beginning tomorrow, February 18th.

According to the drivers, this is due to the country’s rising fuel prices.

“Members are therefore directed to implement the increase from tomorrow, 18th February 2022, without further delay. This has become necessary to save our transport business from collapsing with the frequent upward adjustments in fuel prices,” a statement they issued on Thursday 17th February read. 

“A gallon of fuel which used to sell at the pump for GHC 27 cedis, has now jumped to almost GHC 36 cedis per gallon. As the public may be aware, the government and the Coalition of Private Commercial Transport Operators are still engaged in marathon negotiations for the increase in transport fares. While we the operators are calling for a 30% increase in transport fares, the government has put on the table 10%. As a result, the negotiation ended inconclusively and is expected to continue tomorrow, 18th February 2022.

“Sadly, before the scheduled meeting with the government could take place, fuel prices have been increased by about 30 pesewas per litre. Now a litre of fuel at some of the major filling stations are being sold for GHC 7.990 We wish to entreat our valued customers to bear with us as we need to save our business, sustain it and keep providing you with our critical services.”

In other news, Madina MP Francis Xavier Sosu wonders why his ‘political judges’ comment will bother judges if they execute their jobs effectively and do not allow themselves to be swayed politically to be partisan.

His remarks follow the filing of an official complaint against him by the Association of Magistrates and Judges of Ghana (AMJG) with the General Legal Council (GLC), the organization that supervises the legal profession in Ghana, for recent remarks he made about judges.

The justices described Mr Sosu’s comments, which he makes as a private legal practitioner, as an unwarranted attack on the judiciary.

“The questions the association will like to ask Sosu are, who is a political judge, who determines who is a political judge and by what criteria is the determination made? Who are the so-called political judges who are going to be dealt with.?

“The association considers this statement of Honorable Sosu as deliberate and calculated to create disaffection for the judiciary, an attempt to scandalize the judiciary and judges, we condemn the said the statements in no terms

“The association takes a serious view of the statement and considers it very unprofessional from a lawyer and an unprovoked attack on the judiciary.

“Having regards to the seriousness with which the AMJG takes this statement and its potential to do undue damage to the image of the judiciary, the association is lodging a formal complaint against Sosu to the general legal counsel immediately for his unprofessional utterances,” Justice Henry Kwofie, President of the AMJG said.

Judges should not be partisan along political lines, according to Sosu. Judges who become political in the course of their employment, he continued, will be considered as politicians.


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