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Toyota Corolla 2016 Price In Ghana. June 2023

In this article, the Toyota Corolla 2016 model is taking the focal point as we digress it and see the price it is currently going for in Ghana and what to expect out of the vehicle.

The Toyota Corolla is a stylish and practical car that is a wonderful option for navigating the charming streets.  However, you’ll want to make sure that you’re selecting the correct version of this car due to the several Toyota Corolla trim levels.

Models Of The Toyota Corolla 2016

The Toyota Corolla L vs. LE, the two most popular trim levels, have a few different features.
You can get the answers to your queries by looking at this Toyota Corolla L vs. LE comparison.

Toyota Corolla L 2016

The vehicle’s 132 horsepower performance at 6000 rpm makes it exceptional. Its 1.8-liter cylinder has 16 valves and dual variable valves with intelligent timing. The intelligent automatic transmission that is electronically regulated is another fantastic feature of the Corolla L. In contrast to the LE and the LE Eco, it has a head space without a moon roof inside. With a coefficient of drag of 0.29, the model is lighter. The 15-inch steel wheels with wheel covers on its wheels are excellent. The Corolla Trim L has special tires of the P195/55R15 type.

Toyota Corolla LE 2016

The Corolla Trim Le sports 16-inch steel wheels on the outside, and its P205/55R16 tires give it a distinctive look. It has an integrated backup camera and a roof-mounted antenna. Additionally, it has an automatic climate control system inside. It performs well and offers a comfortable ride because to its ultra-low emission vehicle feature. It also has continuously variable gearboxes, which help engines run more efficiently. The LE offers a superb estimated mileage of 28/38/32* for city, highway, and a combination of the two, and an automated curb weight of 285 pounds. Undoubtedly, it’s a pleasant vehicle to own.

Toyota Corolla LE Eco 2016

The LE Eco has characteristics that are comparable to the LE but different from the L. However, the model will draw customers in because of a number of distinctive features. The most powerful of the three models produces 140 horsepower at 6100 rpm and incorporates a volumetric valve. Additionally, the standard and eco-driving modes are excellent. Additionally, it has a smart key system allowing keyless access without a remote. The constantly variable gearboxes are to thank for the vehicle’s high efficiency.

You may choose the ideal 2016 Toyota Corolla trim with the assistance of the knowledgeable experts

Toyota Corolla 2016 Price In Ghana

The price of Toyota Corolla 2016 in Ghana sells between GHC 65,000 to GHC 85,000 with some factors into consideration. Mileage covered, the condition of the car and the exchange rate plays a major role in the price.

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