Top IT Companies in Ghana. Complete List.

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In this 21st century of our world, its only computer literates who understand the world better.

Why? Because almost everything(information) comes in the form of IT.

Hence the need for this article. In this modern world where technology has taken over, other than our traditional way of doing things which call for us to be abreast with information technology.

As a result, there are various companies in Ghana that are already supporting this goal.

These companies serve the functions as mention earlier including selling of the computer systems and providing software solutions to Ghana and Africa at large. 

List of IT Companies in Ghana.

NOTE: The list is not arranged in any particular order. Thank you.


  1. Compu Ghana

Of all these companies, Compu Ghana is the county’s premier retail for IT.

It sells genuine IT products and accessories, offers IT services as well sells audio-visual equipment and home appliances.

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It has branches at Osu, Spintex and 5 other branches in Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi.

Contact Info

Main office: Mac Coffie House, oxford street, Osu, Accra, Ghana

Telephone: +233 0307070701



  1. Websoft Solutions

Websoft Solutions is a full-service Ghana-based IT company and it’s the highest-ranking of all the other IT companies.

websoft ghana


The company has been established as a solution to many organizations

Head office

Cambodia Estate adjacent Eden Tree, community 18 Tema

Accra, Ghana


Email: info@websoftghana


  1. Oasis Websoft

Oasis Websoft is an IT company in the country which was established in 2011.

They came up with solutions strategically to solve key problems in Africa through IT.

With this, the company was nominated for Africa Awards for the category of entrepreneurship and also some organizations such as Forbes Africa, BizTeh, iAfrikan, HumanIPO and others featured it.

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Few of the company’s outstanding works include; BISA a health management app, Ebola Ghana Alert which was used to accessed any information concerning Ebola during its outbreak.

AFRIAPP a medium for web developers to showcase their works, DR. DIABETES a web app that determines your diabetes status.

Contact Info

Head office: Awoshie Junction, George Bush N1highway

Telephone: 0244636555

  1. SoftTribe Limited

SoftTribe Limited was established in 1991.

As the name implies, SoftTribe Limited basically is a software developer in Ghana. The software it produces are purposely for businesses.

That is, the company produces software that is used for managing businesses. I

ts one of the leading companies noted for developing business software in Ghana.

The company has achieved so many awards which include Lifetime Achievement Award, GUBA awards, and Ghana Millennium Excellence Awards for IT.

Contact Info

Head Office: Quartey Papafio Avenue, Airport Residential Area Accra

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Telephone: 0302786093


  1. Dream Oval

Dream Oval was established in 2007.

It offers a wide range of services, from e-payments and collections, cloud services, digital strategy, innovation, etc.

Few of their products include cocoa link, xylo, myTXTbuddy, mobi and iWallet.

Dream Oval has also achieved several awards due to the enormous effort they have shown in IT over the past years.

Contact Info

The company is located in Crystal Plaza, Lashibi

Other ICT Companies in Ghana are listed below.

    1. Soronko Solutions
    2. Comsys Engineering
    3. Cyst company ltd
    4. Ropat Systems
    5. Nandi Mobile
    6. Leti Arts
    7. Hubtel
    8. Sabstech
    9. Nalo Solutions
    10. PCB Technologies
    11. IPMC
    12. Mericom solutions
    13. Redmango
    14. GCNet
    15. Ostec
    16. Busy Ghana
    17. SpearHead
    18. Rom Consult
    19. Edel Technologies
    20. Lranz Limited
    21. West Blue Consulting
    22. Subah
    23. CodeWeb Company Limited
    24. Billscom Consult
    25. Swifta Systems & Services
    26. TransGov Ghana
    27. eSolutions Data Center
    28. Rancard Solutions
    29. Soft Tribe

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