Top Eye Clinics in Accra. Complete List

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Eye clinics are manned with eye specialists (ophthalmologist, optometrist, etc.) who treat various eye conditions. Common eye conditions affecting the Ghanaian populace include A large section of Ghanaian does not go for periodic eye checks until something bad happens.

Periodic visits to any eye clinic near you ensure good eye health and for early detection of eye problems. Whether you are you have an existing eye condition or not, it is advisable to visit a good eye hospital for checkups.

In this post, we are going to provide to a complete list of all the best eye clinics in Accra, Ghana. Also included in this post are their contact details, the services they render and a lot more.

In Ghana, most of the government hospitals have eye units where patients can access regularly for eye health assessment. However, the focus of this post is private eye clinic who specializes only in eye care.

Below is a list of most sought-after eye clinics in Accra.

Nyaho Medical Centre

Nyaho Medical Centre has an ophthalmology department providing eye services.

Their eye specialists diagnose and treat various conditions and diseases of the eye. They provide comprehensive care by offering a full range of eye care from routine eye exams to surgery. Here, you are given a top-notch eye care.

If you need information regarding your eye health, contact them using the details below.

Telephone: +233-(0)30-708-6490

Email: [email protected]

Work Hours: 24 hours a day

For more information


Gilead Medical & Dental Centre

Gilead Medical and Dental Center is a private faith-based and modern medical facility. They provide a wide range of general and specialist care in a serene and friendly environment.

They provide emergency care, pharmaceutical services, medical counselling and more.

Working Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00hrs – 20:00hrs

Saturday: 9:00hrs – 15:00hrs

Telephone: 0247 59 5950

Physical address

House of Balm, No. C896/3,
Kanda Highway,
Accra – Ghana.

Email: [email protected]

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