Top Chinese Restaurants in Accra

While other people have interests in the local dishes, others have their preference in Chinese dishes. This is as a result of individual differences.

Some also have the believe that Chinese foods are fast and convenient comparably. All the same, Chinese foods had come to supplement our local delicacies.

Chinese dishes in the country include pineapple rice, honey sesame chicken, chicken fried rice, seafood fried rice, oriental fried rice, king pawn cutlet, pawn spring roll, golden fried fish and among others.


Tip top restaurant

Tip top Chinese restaurant is located close to Piccadily Casino Building at Osu in Accra. This restaurant offers any Chinese delicacy you could think of.

Tip top serves lunch and dinner meals. It features takeout, seating, serves alcohol and others. You can contact them through this telephone line, +233 30 277 7780.


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Noble House Chinese restaurant

Noble House Chinese restaurant is one of the leading Chinese restaurants in Accra. They serve good, fast and consistent dishes.

It is located along Salaam Road Osu Near Donewell Insurance, Accra. You can reach +233 24 343 9035.


Regal Chinese restaurant

If you are preparing for a good restaurant to serve launch and dinner for your family and friends look no else than regal Chinese. It is located at Fifth Line Osu, Accra.

It offers all kinds of Chinese dishes. They can be reached through this telephone line, +233 24 432 1988.


Bamboo restaurant

Bamboo restaurant has gotten fresh and tasty Chinese dishes at very affordable prices. It is located at 1switchback crescent cantonments in Accra.

It also serves lunch and dinner. Contact Bamboo restaurant on +233 30 297 1272.


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Tang Garden restaurant

Tang Garden restaurant is another Chinese restaurant in Accra and located precisely at Borstal Avenue South Airport Residential Area.

It serves basically Chinese foods at lunch and dinner. They can be reached on this telephone line, +233 30 278 8888.


Atlantic Tulip restaurant

Atlantic Tulip restaurant is a very reliable restaurant and its service is very prompt. It is located at Osu Oxford Street Mall. You can reach them on this telephone line, +233 24 777 7876.


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Mandarin Chinese restaurant Accra

Mandarin Chinese restaurant is a nice Chinese restaurant with a good atmosphere. It offers good food and service. You can locate them on this telephone line, +233 24 313 2126.


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Palace Chinese restaurant

Palace Chinese restaurant is a nice restaurant but has busy location. Their dishes are “value for money”. Has gotten a very serene atmosphere.

It is located in Dzorwulu in Accra. You can reach this restaurant on this telephone line, +233 30 278 3998.


Hin Lone Chinese Restaurant

As the name shows, Hin Lone Chinese Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located at Labone, along the Crescent Road at Labone in Accra. It serves good food and has a minimal ambiance.

You can contact them through this telephone line, +233 30 277 2782.


Grande Taste Chinese Restaurant

Grande Taste Chinese Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located at Sunkwa Road, Osu near Chateau Towers in Accra. It offers Chinese dishes for lunch and dinner meals.

You can contact them through +233 50 893 6699.

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