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Tommy Davidson is a talented actor and comedian who has entertained audiences all around the world with his stand-up routines and enduring roles in both television and cinema. Although his professional accomplishments have been well-documented, his private life has frequently remained hidden from view.

Davidson made an appearance on Storybound in 2022 to read from his book, “Living in Color: What’s Funny About Me,” which captured the audience’s interest with details about his loveable wife and private life. In this article, we will walk you through Tommy Davidson’s first wife, shedding light on their relationship.

Who is Tommy Davidson?

The well-known American comedian, actor, and television personality Tommy Davidson has won over audiences all over the world with his distinct style of humor and tremendous ability. Davidson, who was born on November 10, 1963, in Washington, D.C., has made his imprint on the entertainment business as a comedy superstar. Let’s examine this exceptional person’s life and profession in more detail, as well as his marriage and other intimate connections.

Davidson’s career took off once he joined the cast of the popular sketch comedy program “In Living Color.” The Keenen Ivory Wayans-produced program gave Davidson a platform to display his diverse range of comic talents, including endearing impersonations and amusing original characters. He rose to stardom thanks to his appearances on the program, and he swiftly established himself as one of comedy’s most famous figures.

In addition to his work on “In Living Color,” Tommy Davidson has had a successful career in both cinema and television. His filmography includes roles in several films, such as “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls,” “Bamboozled,” and “Booty Call.” He has received critical praise and a devoted following because of his ability to switch from stand-up comedy to acting with ease.

Tommy Davidson’s continued success in comedy and entertainment is a testimonial to his brilliance, adaptability, and audience-engaging abilities. Fans anxiously await the release of his next humorous project because of his talent for making people laugh and his vivacious attitude.

Who is Tommy Davidson First Wife?

Tommy Davidson has had multiple marriages throughout his life. His first marriage was to Arlene Davidson, but unfortunately, their relationship ended in a split. The details regarding their relationships, such as the dates of the marriages and divorces, and any other relevant information about these marriages are not readily available.

Is Tommy Davidson Still Married?

After Tommy and Arlene Davidson divorced, he got married again to Amanda Moore. The Comedian and Amanda have been married for more than seven years; they got engaged in 2015.

The two decided to wed in 2015. There are no specifics on where or when, though. They must have hit it off right away when they first met at a public function.

Moore was raised and was born in Southern California. She attended Harvard and the University of California, Santa Barbara before earning her master’s degree in psychology at the University of California, Irvine.

In Costa Mesa, Orange County, California, she established Lil Posh Resale, a children’s business. She was of Caucasian descent and had grown up in the second-hand retail industry.

How many Children do Tommy Davidson Have?

In Tommy’s previous marriage with Arlene, he had two children from their relationship. They had a son named Isaiah Davidson, and a daughter named Jillian Davidson. However, after the end of his marriage with Arlene, Tommy Davidson entered into a subsequent marriage with Amanda Moore. As of now, Tommy and Amanda do not have any children together.

Tommy Davidson’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Tommy has a net worth estimated to be $5 million. However, comedy performances and acting jobs are the actor’s main sources of revenue.

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