Tommaso Stanzani’s Girlfriend. All you need to know

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Tommaso Stanzani, an Italian dancer for twenty years, has been gaining popularity in the dance and entertainment industries. Tommaso was raised in Sant’Agata Bolognese, in the Emilia province, after being born in Bologna on March 21, 2001.

His enthusiasm for skating was passed down to him by his parents, who were also professional skaters, and he started his journey into the world of performance art when he was just three years old.

Early Life

Their early skating performances of Stanzani were choreographed by his mother, Barbara Calzolari, who was instrumental in developing his talent. He became the Italian Champion of the Pass technique and laid a solid basis for his career in hockey as his skill on the rink soon became apparent.

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His ability on the ice was immediately apparent, and this helped him to win the Italian Champion of the Pass technique and lay a solid basis for his dance career.

Tommaso relocated to Genoa in 2019 to pursue his dance studies at the Naima Academy Experience Company. He developed his talents further and immersed himself in the world of dance here.

Before his foray into the dance academy, Tommaso had already made a name for himself as a figure skater. His achievements include clinching the title of Italian Champion in the specialty from 2014 to 2016.

He also garnered recognition on the international stage, securing important prizes and excelling in European championships in 2016.

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The talented performer showed off his skills in a variety of venues, broadening his horizons beyond skating. He made an impression on judges Claudio Bisio, Nina Zilli, Frank Matano, and Luciana Litizzetto when he performed on Italia’s Got Talent in 2016.

He also appeared in a musical that Valentina Spampinato directed, along with well-known people such as Garrison Rochelle and Fioretta Mari.

Tommaso’s journey took an exciting turn when he became one of the students in the 2021 edition of the talent show Friends 20, hosted by Maria De Filippi. This experience proved to be a stepping stone for many successful professionals in the industry, including renowned dancers like Stefano De Martino and Gabriele Esposito.

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In Friends 20, Tommaso’s exceptional talent in dance captured the audience’s attention. He was eliminated in the third episode, but his influence could not be overstated. He participated in an Arisa music video after leaving the show, and he also had an appearance as a guest on Silvia Toffanin’s famous program Verissimo.

Tommaso’s scholarship from renowned choreographer Merola was awarded to him during his performance, which was a noteworthy acknowledgment of his ability.

Who is Tommaso Stanzani’s Girlfriend?

Tommaso Stanzani and Tommaso Zorzi were in a romantic relationship for about a year. However, things couldn’t work for them, so they broke up. Currently, there is no information about Tommaso Stanzani having a new girlfriend.


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