Tom Schilling’s Height, Full Biography

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Tom Schilling is a German film and television actor who was born on February 10, 1982. Tom Schilling grew up in the formerly East German borough of Berlin Mitte and he got discovered by stage director Thomas Heise when he was just twelve years old.

Thomas Heise cast him in the stage play Im Schlagschatten des Mondes (Under the Shadow of the Moon) at the Berliner Ensemble theatre company. Tom Schilling was with the Berliner Ensemble theatre company for four years and through acting, he was able to make some money. He used that money to start his life when he left his parent’s home at age 18. Tom Schilling left school with an Abitur certificate and had his screen acting debut was in 1996.

This was when he made an appearance in the Sat.1 TV series Hallo, Onkel Doc! at the age of 14. Tom Schilling originally had the aim to become a painter. He had a son by a woman whose name is not known in 2006. He also had a daughter in January 2017.

He got married to Mosebach in 2019. Some of the audio plays to the credit of Tom Schilling include 2003: Die Meute der Mórrígan (The Hounds of the Morrigan) – role: Pidge, 2003: Das Geheimnis der verborgenen Insel (Monster Mission), 2003: Hanni und Nanni und ihre Gäste (based on Enid Blyton’s book series St. Clare’s) – role: Peter, 2008: Jodi Picoult: Neunzehn Minuten (Nineteen Minutes) – role: Peter Houghton (audiobook), publisher: der Hörverlag,, 2011: Übernacht – role: Jan and 2012: Als ich meine Eltern verließ – audiobook recording of the novel by Michel Rostain (orig. French title: Le Fils).

Over the years, he has also won some awards. These awards are the 2000: Bavarian Film Awards, Germany: Young Talented Actor award for his performance in Crazy, 2005: Undine Awards, Germany: Best young character actor award (Bester jugendlicher Charakterdarsteller) for his performance in Before the Fall, 2005: Undine Awards, Germany: Audience award (Zuschauerpreis) for his performance in Before the Fall and 2008: Wiesbaden Fernsehkrimi-Festival: Deutscher Fernsehkrimipreis (German crime fiction TV award) special award for outstanding performance in Tatort – Der frühe Abschied.

Others are the 2012: Oldenburg International Film Festival: Seymour Cassel Award for his performance in A Coffee in Berlin, 2013: Bavarian Film Awards, Germany: Best male actor award (Bester Darsteller) for his performance in A Coffee in Berlin and 2013: German Film Awards (Goldene Lola): Best male actor in a leading role (for his performance in A Coffee in Berlin).

The wife of Tom Schilling is Annie Mosebach. Tom Schilling and Annie Mosebach have a child called Oskar Schilling. Tom Schilling is currently 41 years old.

Tom Schilling’s Height, Full Biography

Tom Schilling‘s height is 5 feet 7 inches. Tom Schilling is currently 41 years old.

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