Thorsten Schröder Children; All You Need To Know

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Who Is Thorsten Schröder?

Thorsten Schröder, born on December 30, 1967, in Reinbek, Germany, is a well-known German journalist, speaker, moderator, and author.

He was raised in the Stormarn community, which was independent until 1974, in Schönningstedt’s Neuschönningstedt neighbourhood.

Thorsten Schröder
Thorsten Schröder

He finished secondary school in Glinde in 1987 and then went on to the University of Hamburg to study economics, earning a degree there in 1993.

Schröder began working as a freelancer for NDR radio in 1991, early in his career. He worked as an editor for the Glinder Zeitung concurrently. After a brief stint at Radio FFB in Fürstenfeldbruck, he moved back to Hamburg in 1994 and finished his traineeship at NDR. He began working as an editor and reporter at NDR 90.3 in Hamburg in 1996.

Schröder has served as the Tagesschau in the first, one of Germany’s most renowned news programmes, spokesperson since 1999. He will begin working as a newsreader for Tagesschau24 in May 2023.

On November 21, 1999, Schröder had his television debut as an off-speaker during the evening news. On September 20, 2007, he made his first appearance in front of the camera during the main edition.

He also had a job at the radio station NDR Info from 2005 until 2007. Additionally, he participates in a number of NDR television shows, mostly as a moderator, where he produces his own texts and conducts interviews.

Schröder additionally filled in as the night magazine’s moderator from 2007 until 2022. He joined Tina Wolf as a moderator and news editor for the Hamburg Journal in 2011.

Schröder is a freelance journalist who also enjoys cycling and triathlons. He is a member of FC St. Pauli’s triathlon team and has taken part actively in a number of triathlons and cycling competitions.

He finished Ironman in 2012 and wrote about his experience in the book “News from Ironman,” which was released in October 2013. In 2010, the travel book “Kontrastprogramm,” which details his cycling journeys throughout the globe, was also authored by him.

Schröder kept taking part in long-distance triathlons in an effort to earn a spot in the Hawaii World Championships. He competed in Ironman Germany in Frankfurt am Main in July 2017.

Although he did not place, he tried again just five weeks later in Ironman Hamburg and did so successfully, earning a starting spot for the World Championships.

He finished the Ironman in Hawaii in 2017 with success, and his experience was chronicled in the book “With every fibre,” which was released in 2019. After competing in the Ironman Frankfurt in 2022, he qualified for the Ironman Hawaii once more.

Schröder is well-known for his voice work in radio and television shows, as well as audiobooks, in addition to his professional and athletic endeavours. Currently, he is in a relationship with an osteopath.

Thorsten Schröder is a well-known figure in Germany as a result of his work as a journalist, lecturer, moderator, author, and avid sports participant.

Thorsten Schröder Children; All You Need To Know

Thorsten Schroder’s children are unknown currently as there is no information to ascertain whether he has any children.

Schroder has contributed his quota to Germany and is now a well-known figure in Germany as a result of his work as a journalist, lecturer, moderator, author, and avid sports participant.

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