The Cost Of Building A Single Room In Ghana


Do you have plans of building a single room in the meantime before moving into a larger house? Are you wondering how much money you need to have before you can make your dream a reality? Then worry no more because this article has got you covered! 

A single room is a room built purposely to contain only one person. It is very comfortable when it is serving its purpose of housing only a person. A standard single room in Ghana has the approximate dimensions of 14 by 14 feet and has a bathroom, kitchen, toilet, and a porch.

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Cement Prices in Ghana

To begin building or putting up such a structure, it is taken into consideration the prices of building materials that will be needed to complete the job. Some of which are cement, sand, wood, manpower, water, gravel etc.

Cement, sand, and gravels are the main drivers of the price of building a single room in Ghana. Sometimes the iron rods used also play a part. Types of blocks to be used at the various stages of the building process are also considered since they are also very important and comes with a lot of costs.

Cost Of The Items To Build A Single Room

Sourcing from a professional building constructor, engineer Kofi Agyei of Dark’s Construction Company, to build a standard single room, one will need a total of 200 bags of cement. With a bag of cement costing Ghc 47.00 now, cement cost only will amount to GHc 9,400 which is no child’s play. Noting that the prices of cement have never been stable in Ghana. It keeps rising with the day.

After considering the cement, one needs about three trips of sand and a half trip of gravels. With a trip of sand costing around GHc 1500, the total sum of sand that will be needed will amount to GHc 4,500. Half a trip of sand will cost GHc 700.00 making a total of GHc 5,200 for sand and gravels.

Machines and tools to be hired for the job including wheelbarrows, spades, concrete mixers, etc. will cost around GHc 1,500 at the end of the job. If given to contract, the cost of manpower will be around GHc 4,000 making a total of GHc 5,500 together with the hiring of machines and tools cost.

Carpenters will come in with doors and windows, ceiling and roofing which will all cost around GHc 5,000. After which electricians will come into wire and fix sockets and meters all amounting to about GHc 3,000. Carpenters and Electricians will pull out a cost of GHc 8,000 in total.

Painters and tilers will come in to finish the house at a cost of about GHc 4,000
So with this brief calculation of what goes down in building a single room in Ghana, it can be estimated approximately that building a single room in Ghana will cost around GHc 32,000.

The Cost Of Building A Single Room In Ghana




Cement  200 9,400
Trips Of Sand  4,500
Gravels  1/2 700
wheelbarrows, spades, concrete mixers, 2 each  1,500
Wood Ceiling, doors, window, and door frames  5,000
Power  Sockets, meter, wiring, and workmanship 8,000
Paints and tiles  Azar & Ctm tiles  4,000


This means that you will need a total of GHc 32,000 to complete a state of the art single room in the country.

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