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Tevfik Başer, a legendary figure in Turkish film, has enthralled viewers all over the world with his masterful narrative and cinematic abilities. Başer has shown unshakable commitment to the craft of filmmaking as seen by his rise from modest beginnings to widespread recognition.


Başer was born in Çankırı in 1951. After he graduated from high school in Eskişehir in 1971, Başer set off on a life-changing adventure to London in 1973, where he became fully involved in the studies of stage design, photography, and graphic design. The groundwork for his future pursuits in the field of visual storytelling was established during his stay in England.

Başer started a diverse career in the emerging television sector after returning to Turkey. He received his training at the Eskişehir TV Institute from 1978 to 1980. He started as a photographer and graphic designer there, then moved on to become a cameraman. But what spurred his artistic development was his quest for a higher education.

Başer’s 1980 admission to the Hamburg Fine Arts Academy’s Visual Communication Department was a turning point in his professional development. He spent seven years immersing himself in the nuances of visual storytelling.

In 1983, Başer made his directing debut with the moving documentary “Zwischen Gott und Erde,” which examined human spirituality and its relationship to the divine. Three years later, he made his first feature picture, “40 m2 Germany,” which was well received by both reviewers and viewers for its gripping story.

Başer’s rise to international stardom his films receiving praise and recognition on a worldwide scale. He cemented his reputation as a groundbreaking filmmaker in 1989 when his moving examination of identity and relocation in “Farewell to Fake Heaven” won him a coveted berth in the Berlin Film Festival’s competitive section.

Films such as “Time for Wishes,” a moving reflection on the human condition that won Başer the coveted Adolf Grimme Award in Germany, and “Farewell Stranger,” which participated in the famous Cannes Film Festival in 1991, kept viewers enthralled with his body of work.

Başer’s services to the film industry have been honored with several honors and awards throughout the course of his storied career. Receiving high praise from critics, “40m2 Germany” won important awards including the Golden Lion in Rotterdam, the Silver Leopard in Locarno, and the Golden Squirrel in Amsterdam. Comparably, “Farewell to Fake Paradise” and “Farewell Foreigner” cemented Başer’s standing as a remarkable storyteller, winning him prizes including the Best Director Award in Verona and the Civis Award in Cologne.

Tevfik Başer Parents

Tevfik Başer was born to Musa Başer and Süheyla Başer.

Tevfik Başer Age, Height, Weight, Birth date.

Age 73 years old (as at the time of his death)
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Birthdate 1951


Tevfik Başer Wife/Girlfriend

There is no available information about Tevfik Başer wife.

Tevfik Başer Children

As at his death, there was no information about his children.

Tevfik Başer Net Worth

There is no information about Tevfik Başer’s net worth.





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