Teddy Reno’s First Wife: Full Details

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Teddy Reno is an Italian singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer.He was born on July 11, 1926 in Trieste as Ferruccio Merk Ricordi. It must be noted that Teddy Reno made his debut on Radio Trieste.

This was during the Anglo-American administration of the city, launching the song “Eterno ritornello (Te vojo ben)”.Teddy Reno subsequently became a member of the orchestra of Teddy Foster as a singer .

With the orchestra of Teddy Foster, Teddy Reno got the opportunity to travel across Europe and North Africa on tours.

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Later in 1948, Teddy Reno founded one of Italy’s first record companies, CGD; Compagnia Generale del Disco. With he passage of time, he sold Compagnia Generale del Disco to Ladislao Sugar.Ladislao Sugar was publisher of Hungarian origin and future owner of the Sugar Group.

As a singer, Teddy Reno was quite successful in the 1950s.Later in the 1960s, he decided to center his focus in the discovery, nurturing and production of new talents. The medium through which he discovered new talents was Festival degli sconosciuti (Festival of the Unknowns).

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He created the Festival degli sconosciuti (Festival of the Unknowns) in 1961 and he was able to discover talents such as The Rokes, Dino and Rita Pavone. Subsequently, he married Rita Pavone in 1968.

It must also be noted that over the years, Teddy Reno has been active as a film and stage actor and a television and radio presenter.

Teddy Reno’s First Wife

The first wife of Teddy Reno was Vania Protti.Vania Protti was an Italian distributor of many cinematographic masterpieces in cinemas.

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She can be described as a movie lady ho was destined to work in the film industry . She collected an archive of documents that focused on the history of the distribution of Italian arthouse cinema. Her first husband Manfredi Traxler.

She was able to release some films. Some of these films were by Wim Wenders, Leos Carax, Krystof Kielowski, Radu Mihaileanu, Tom Food and Alexander Sokurov. It was in the 1950s she married Teddy Reno.



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