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Tarik Rose, born in 1971 in Kiel, Germany, is a prominent figure in the culinary world. He is celebrated as a skilled chef, television cook, and restaurant owner.

Life and Career

Tarik Rose’s culinary passion was ignited during his youth when he worked as a pizza baker and dishwasher in Kiel, his hometown. However, it was while cooking alongside his grandfather that he truly fell in love with the art of cooking. Determined to pursue his passion further, he embarked on a formal culinary education, enrolling in the Fayence culinary school in Kiel.

After completing his culinary training, Tarik Rose set his sights on Hamburg, where he would make significant strides in the restaurant scene. In 2004, he assumed the role of head chef at the Restaurant Engel in Hamburg, which was owned by the renowned chef Christian Rach at the time. Tarik Rose’s culinary skills and innovative approach to cooking earned him recognition in the industry.

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In 2016, Tarik Rose took a significant step in his career by becoming the owner of Restaurant Engel. Under his leadership, the restaurant has thrived, offering a menu that emphasizes regional and seasonal ingredients. Tarik Rose’s culinary philosophy involves reimagining traditional northern German dishes, putting a fresh and contemporary spin on classic favorites.

Television Appearances

Tarik Rose’s culinary talents extend beyond the kitchen, as he has become a familiar face on German television. Since 2011, he has been a regular guest cook on the show “Mein Nachmittag” on NDR, where he collaborates with various other chefs to showcase his culinary expertise.

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From 2013 to 2015, Tarik Rose was part of the cast of “Beef Buddies,” a television show on ZDFneo, alongside Chakall and Frank Buchholz. This program allowed him to explore different culinary styles and engage with a diverse audience.

Since 2014, Tarik Rose has been a monthly guest chef on the ARD-Buffet television show, where he continues to share his culinary creations and knowledge with viewers.

In 2016, Tarik Rose launched his television program titled “Iss besser!” on NDR. The show focuses on exploring sustainable producers and farmers while cooking on-site with them. In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020/2021, the format was adopted. In recent episodes, Tarik Rose collaborates with “Ernährungsdoc” Matthias Riedl under the title “Iss besser! einfach gesund kochen.”

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Since June 2017, Tarik Rose has occasionally appeared as a judge on the ZDF program “Die Küchenschlacht,” showcasing his culinary expertise and offering valuable insights to contestants.


In 2018, Tarik Rose released his first cookbook, “Tarik kocht dich fit,” published by ZS Verlag München. This cookbook reflects his commitment to healthy and delicious cooking.

In February 2021, Tarik Rose, together with Matthias Riedl, published his second cookbook, “Iss besser! einfach gesund essen,” which promotes a balanced and nutritious approach to eating.

Who are Tarik Rose’s Parents?

Tarik Rose has maintained a private stance regarding his family. He has not disclosed information about his parents or shared any posts related to them on his social media platforms, keeping his family life out of the public eye.




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