Taner Ay Cause of Death: Full Details

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A few hours prior to the accident that took Taner Ay’s life, he posted a video on social media. Taner Ay, the senior member of Osmanen Germania (Ottomans from Germany) was then at a charity event. In another video, he was seen at a gas station and this goes a long to give credence to the fact that Instagram was very integral to his life and activities.

He lived a luxurious life and made that known with his pictures of himself with embers of the Turkish government and bureaucracy as well as international business partners.

Taner Ay was also used to showing off pictures of heavy weapons as well as people from the Turkish underworld. His account on social media is still available and he is followed by over 1.1 million users.

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The name and image of Taner Ay got tarnished as a result of the statement from the Turkish mafia godfather Sedat Peker who was then in exile in Dubai to the effect that he had given to the Ottomans Germania in Germany.

Due to the fact that there were photos in both Turkey and Germany of Taner Ay in contact with leading members of the now-banned Ottoman Germania, it was assumed that he was the leader of the Ottoman Germania.

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Many people also thought he had shared Sedat Peker’s money to the violent rockers. That assumption that Taner Ay was the leader of the Ottoman Germania was given a further boost due to some of his photos on Instagram.

Taner Ay was the General Manager of ESI-Group . Due to the alleged involvement of Taner Ay with dubious groups, his father, Çetin Ay had to forfeit his title of honorary ambassador of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Düsseldorf.

Ay was recently a burden to his father Çetin Ay. In his company ESI-Group he is listed as General Manager Turkey. After speculation about Ay’s personal involvement with dubious groups, Çetin Ay had to give up his lucrative title of honorary ambassador of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Düsseldorf.

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Taner Ay Cause of Death

Taner Ay who is considered a senior member of Osmanen Germania (Ottomans from Germany) died after he was involved in a traffic accident in Bulgaria.

He died in December 2021. According to reports, Taner Ay’s Porsche plunged into a ravine. He was then returning to Düsseldorf.

Unfortunately, an emergency response team pronounced Ay dead at the scene of the accident. His bodyguard was rushed to the hospital after sustaining some injuries.

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