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Suzanne Farrington was born on October 12, 1933, and her legacy is intricately tied to the world of theater and film due to her parentage. She was the only child of the legendary British actress Vivien Leigh and her first husband, Herbert Leigh Holman. Suzanne led a life deeply influenced by her mother’s stardom and her parents’ complex relationship.

Early Life

Suzanne was born to Vivien Leigh and Herbert Leigh Holman when her mother was just beginning her rise to fame as one of the most well-known actresses in the world. Vivien Leigh, who was just 19 years old at the time, had a tremendous life change as a result of her arrival.

But Suzanne’s birth was everything but straightforward. She was delivered with great difficulty and was born preterm, one month early. Vivien’s household was properly run by a staff that included a nursing nanny to look after the infant, so it would be a few weeks before both mother and daughter were allowed to return home.

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Her primary concentration was on her playing profession, which earned her recognition in the play “The Mask of Virtue.” Even though she occasionally represented the role of a new mother in images, she prioritized her career over being a parent. This scenario was made worse by the breakdown of her marriage to Herbert Leigh Holman.

Following the divorce in 1940, Herbert finally won custody of Suzanne, and the two of them relocated to Manor Farm House in Zeals, Wiltshire.

During the War and Changing Dynamics

The course of Suzanne’s life changed during World War II. She went to Canada to visit her aunt Florence Thompson with the help of her maternal grandmother Gertrude Hartley. She originally continued her schooling in Vancouver at a convent institution. She was raised mostly by her grandmother throughout the war years, but her father was also involved in her upbringing.

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When her mother made a memorable trip to Canada in November 1940, the media became aware of Vivien Leigh’s presence and Suzanne’s enrollment at a convent school, which resulted in unfavorable press. Concerns concerning Suzanne’s safety and the welfare of other students at the school arose as a result of the ensuing media frenzy. As a result, she was transferred to a day school, and through the entire war, her grandma stood by her side.

The responsibilities of Vivien Leigh’s acting career, which was still going strong, overshadowed her engagement in Suzanne’s life. During this time, Suzanne was in the custody of her father and grandmother.

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Later Years

Suzanne pursued her education at the Sherborne School for Girls in Dorset. Afterward, she attended a Swiss finishing school, paving the way for her continued growth as an independent and educated woman.

Suzanne set out on a path to realize her dream of becoming an actor in 1951. She studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, honing her acting abilities while pursuing a career in theater. From being a little child who was born into a celebrity to a person who was motivated to forge her own identity, she underwent a journey.

What was Suzanne Farrington’s Cause of Death?

On March 1, 2015, Suzanne Farrington passed away in Lower Zeals, Wiltshire, at the age of 81. However, her cause of death has not been disclosed.


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