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About Stephen Kalayjian

Stephen Kalayjian stated that he did not want to be a trade business representative. He did numerous things for survival in his early life. He has a solid educational background, having attended university and earning an associate degree. Still, there isn’t much information about where he went to school or what kind of student he was.

Stephen Kalayjian was born on February 18, 1963, and will be 49 years old in 2022. His hometown is Katonah, New York City, and he also lives there. The background of his brothers, parents, and spouse is unclear, but informational sources will update it as soon as it becomes available. 

Following graduating, Stephen pursued a variety of occupations. He became a footballer but did not have much success. Stephen has also attempted to play baseball, but has failed yet again. His father introduced him to trading and assisted him in finding work. Stephen Kalayjian began his trading career at the Comex office in New York City in 1983.

Stephen has made significant contributions to the trading business, even establishing a social media trading software called Ticker Tocker. Many people use the app when trading, and it has had a significant impact on the US economy.

Stephen Kalayjian Career

Stephen Kalayjian has worked in stocks, currencies, and futures for over thirty years. He began his trading career as an American Stock Exchange representative in 1983. He transferred to the New York Stock Exchange in 1984, where he remained until 1989.

Stephen Kalayjian worked in the Chicago Board of Trade and New York Mercantile Exchange’s COMEX section from 1989 to 1991. From 1992 to 2004, he traded approximately two billion US stock shares for his capital and various family offices, becoming a successful day trader. Stephen created his company in 2005 to uncover and invent software to aid in the identification of market reversals, trends, divergences, and patterns across time frames and asset classes. He also hosted daily equity market recaps.

Throughout his trading career, Steve Kalayjian has appeared on Voice of America, Fox Business News, and Fresh Outlook. MarketWatch, Bloomberg, USA Today, World Report, Investor’s Business Daily, and CNBC have also published his work.

Stephen Kalayjian wishes to generate practical trading ideas on a daily basis. They forecast the stock market using technical analysis and unique charting software built by his technical team. Steve Kalayjian has traded over a billion shares and has over a million subscribers on YouTube.

Despite the fact that it is difficult and complex to understand, Stephen Kalayjian has become a well-known and effective stock exchange trader. It provides a lot of opportunities for trading, but you have to know which ones to take and which to avoid. To be successful in business, you must put in a lot of effort.

Patience is required for success in the stock exchange industry. It is difficult to know all that occurs during trading, and one should be cautious about knowing everything that occurs; they should be positive. When you lose hope, you become a loser. For almost eight years, Stephen Kalayjian has been visually examining the stock market and how frequently patterns repeat themselves.

How Stephen Kalayjian Makes His Money

Stephen Kalayjian is a well-known and successful trader who has carved himself a lucrative career in the stock exchange industry. Informational sources don’t know much about Stephen’s net worth, and he’s never been shy about disclosing it to the public.

Because Stephen Kalayjian is involved in a dangerous company, determining and calculating his net worth is difficult. He can make a million dollars in a second and then lose twice that amount the next minute. In any case, Stephen has gotten successful in business by doing what others do not.

Stephen’s success in the stock exchange sector is due to his willingness to take risks. He accepts that in order to exist in a business like the stock exchange, you must take many chances, and risks might cause you to float in the highest success pillar, where everything appears fantastic and bright. You will be able to savor your victories and live your dreams.

Stephen Kalayjian Net Worth and Earning

According to reliable business sources, Stephen Kalayjian has a net worth of more than $1 million as of 2022, with an annual salary of roughly $400k. His primary source of revenue is the stock exchange company. Ticker Tocker, a stock exchange company that trades reversals, patterns, Futures, trends, and divergence, is founded by him.

Stephen Kalayjian’s success did not come overnight because he believes that you cannot be successful when you feel like it. To avoid losing money in trading, you must be disciplined. In the same way that you need discipline in other areas, you need it in trading to give you hope and to help you decide when to exit.

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