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A well-known name in the fields of fashion and photography, Stefanie Renoma is renowned for her originality and creative vision. Her father, Maurice Cressy, is regarded as one of the co-founders of the renowned Renoma brand and was born into a family with significant ties to the world of art.

Early Life

Stefanie Renoma was raised in a Catholic home in Hersel, Bornheim, after being born in Bonn. She attended the elite Bonn boarding school Aloisiuskolleg for her studies. She later studied business administration courses in Berlin, albeit she didn’t finish her degree.


Stefanie’s career in the fashion and style industry began in the late 1990s when she and her boyfriend, Antonin Cornet-Leverdier, co-founded the Komplex Store store in Paris’s 16th arrondissement. In 2001, they established the Ni-Search brand and introduced their first collection of women’s clothes. Stefanie Renoma’s extraordinary career in the fashion industry began with their joint enterprise.

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The brand Stefanie Renoma is well known for emphasizing tuxedos and perfects. The company has carved out a space for itself in the market rather than following the conventional seasonal fashion cycle. Her concentration on unisex fashion and frequent presentation of works with both male and female models distinguish Stefanie Renoma’s work from other designers. Photographic displays held in her Parisian store often highlight her collections and new designs.

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Stefanie Renoma ventured into photography in 2014 as part of her artistic expansion. She created engaging visual works in partnership with well-known companies including Caron, Dior Jewelry, Chanel Jewelry, Breitling Watches, Lydia Courteille, Cartier, and Bulgari. Whether in color or black and white, her photography is distinguished by a combination of symbols and genres that provides a window into the private world of her subjects.

Stefanie Renoma has displayed her artwork in several exhibits throughout the years. Notably, she arranged an exhibition of never-before-seen images of Marilyn Monroe in 2012, and for the Renoma brand’s 50th anniversary in 2013, she presented a distinctive vision of the tuxedo through a selection of photographs. She has demonstrated her brilliance and inventiveness via the exhibition of her photography works at famous locations including Art Basel Miami, the Nolinski Hotel in Paris, and Studio Harcourt.

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Stefanie Renoma’s first monograph, a 144-page collection of years’ worth of her work, was released in January 2017. In April 2018, the catalog for her Faux Semblant show was released. “Remember Your Future,” her most recent book, was published in February 2022, further establishing her reputation in the art and fashion worlds.

Stephanie Renoma Children

There is no information on Stephanie Renoma’s children.


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