Spiritual Uses of Plantain Leaves


Ghana Insider brings you the spiritual benefits of plantain leaves. Plantain, known to be a staple in Ghana is rich in carbohydrates and can be used in several food recipes.

Plantain can be used to prepare fufu, plantain chips, roasted plantain, amongst others.

Aside these physical benefits, does plantain leaves have some spiritual benefits?

Yes, we are going to give you all the spiritual uses of plantain leaves you probably had no idea about.

Only a few people actually know that there are some hidden great spiritual benefits plantain leaves have to offer.

This article will unveil all of that to you. Let’s get started.

The use of plantain leaves for spiritual purposes can be done in several ways. See some of these ways below.

plantain leaves

Spiritual uses of plantain leaves

  • Plantain leaves are used to find the cause of unexplained death
  • The yellowish plantain leaves combined with prekese is used to prevent bad dreams
  • It is used to drive away evil spirits
  • It is used to find the source of retrogression in business.
  • It helps to clot blood
  • It is used to treat stomach and duodenal ulcer

The above spiritual uses are just the discovered ones. There are more that have not been yet discovered by many.

Harness the spiritual benefits of plantain leaves and enjoy a fulfilling life. Leave a comment below and share this to you circles.

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