Spiritual Benefits of Bitter Kola

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Ghana Insider brings you the spiritual benefits of bitter kola. Bitter Kola comes with several benefits, both physical and spiritual and not all of these benefits have been utilized.

There are several plants surrounding us that have great spiritual benefits, but due to lack of knowledge about these plants, we tend to weed them out or kill them with weedicides.

In other post we wrote about the spiritual benefits of prekese. This post also focuses on the spiritual benefits of bitter kola.

A lot of Ghanaians and people from other parts of the world use bitter kola for treatment of physical ailments but only few know the spiritual uses of bitter kola.

We unveil to you all the spiritual significance associated with this plant.

The use of bitter kola for spiritual purposes can be done in several ways including the following.

  • By eating it

Spiritual uses of bitter kola

  • Used for rituals and spiritual cleansing;
  • Act as tonic, stimulant, astringent, decongestant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory tool, lipolytic;
  • Used in special protective rituals for suppressing enemies.

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