Sphere Ebbasta Girlfriend. Meet Angelina Lacour

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The well-known Italian rapper and musician Sfera Ebbasta, whose real name is Gionata Boschetti has had a big influence on the country’s music industry.

He was born in the Italian town of Sesto San Giovanni, which is part of the Milan metropolitan region, on December 7, 1992. Celebrated for his contributions to the trap music genre, Sfera Ebbasta has amassed a sizable fan base in Italy and around the world.

Early Life

Sfera Ebbasta’s love of music was evident in her early years. At an early age, he became interested in rap and was influenced by Italian and American hip-hop. He began writing and producing songs because of his early affinity with the genre.

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Sfera Ebbasta’s career took off when he began sharing his music on social media platforms, particularly SoundCloud, which served as a launching pad for his artistic journey. His early tracks started gaining attention, and his talent as a rapper quickly became evident. He gained recognition for his distinctive style, blending elements of trap and hip-hop with catchy melodies and lyrics that resonated with his audience.

The breakthrough moment in Sfera Ebbasta’s career came with the release of his debut album “XDVR” in 2015, which included popular tracks like “Fino a farci scomparire” and “Visiera a becco.” These songs propelled him to stardom and solidified his presence in the Italian rap scene. “XDVR” received critical acclaim and cemented Sfera Ebbasta’s status as one of the leading figures in Italian trap music.

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His success was also aided by subsequent albums and hits including “Tran Tran” and “Rockstar.” A wide range of listeners are drawn to his music because it frequently addresses topics of adolescence, street life, and personal experiences.

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Due to his international collaborations with J Balvin, Future, and Offset, among other musicians, Sfera Ebbasta’s influence went beyond Italy and he became well-known worldwide. The rap scenes in Italy and other countries were connected by his collaborations, which boosted his rising star power.

Who is Sphere Ebbasta’s Girlfriend?

Sfera Ebbasta is reportedly dating popular Italian influencer and singer, Angelina Lacour. She is a well-known figure in Italy, with a successful career in broadcasting and entertainment.  She was born on 31 May 1995 in Argentina.

They have a child called Gabriel.




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