Sophie Von Der Tann Parents: All You Need To Know

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Sophie Von Der Tann is a German journalist who was born November 29, 1991, in Tann, Hesse, Germany. She is currently 31 years old.

Sophie Von Der Tann is widely known for her insightful reporting on digital policy, climate change, and environmental issues for radio, television, and online formats.

She is also an ARD broadcaster in Israel & Palestinian territories operating from Berlin, Germany.

Since August 2018, Sophie Von Der Tann has been hosting News-WG and she is also part of the team responsible for the reportage on environmental, climate, and digital issues at the BR-Hauptstadtstudio.

With regard to education, it is interesting to note and know that she studied Theology and Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford.

Sophie Von Der Tann has also completed double Masters in International and World History from Columbia & the London School of Economics. Sophie Von Der Tann has been very impressive with her work as a journalist and as such, she has won some awards.

Medium Magazin, one of Germany’s most prestigious Journalist awards gave her the award for “Journalist of the Year” in 2019 and in 2020, Sophie Von Der Tann made a fellow for the Transatlantic Digital Debates program.

The Transatlantic Digital Debates program is a joint initiative between the Bosch Foundation and German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Quite often, she speaks at conferences and events where she shares her insights and knowledge about digital policy, climate change, and environmental issues.

The surname “von der Tann” historically originated from Germany and is a habitational name for someone from several places called Tann.

The net worth of Sophie Von Der Tann is not readily known.

Sophie Von Der Tann Parents

The names of the parents of Sophie Von Der Tann are not in the public domain. It is believed that her family is one of the oldest in Tann.

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