Sonja Baum’s Husband: Full Details

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German actress Sonja Baum has been very active in the film industry in the country for about three decades now. As a result, she’s got a lot of fans in the country and beyond who are interested in knowing more about her.

One of the things they are eager to know about is her husband (if any). But is she married? Who is Sonja Baum husband? How long has she been married?

Read on as we try to find out more about the love life of actress Sonja Baum.

Who Is Sonja Baum? 

Sonja Baum is a talented German actress born on July 22, 1975 in Bonn, Germany to German parents. Baum developed interest in films while growing up and with time decided to pursue a career in acting.

In order to get better in acting, Baum attended the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg from 1997 to 2000 to study acting. From there, she went on to work for four years at the Bochum Theater.

During her time at the Bochum theater, she gained a lot of valuable experience in acting and performed in a number of stage plays as well. With time, she switched her attention to films and has been doing that since.

As we speak, Baum has done over thirty films and TV series and has been serving as the head of SOKO Cologne since 2019.

Sonja Baum Selected Filmography 

  • The Vixen: Old Sins (2023)
  • SOKO Cologne (2020 till date)
  • SOKO Munich (2019)
  • Falk (2018)
  • Heldt (2015)
  • A Case for Two (2012)
  • A Woman Disappears (2012)
  • The Prosecutor (2011)
  • The Dead in the Wall (2008)
  • In All Friendship – The Young Doctors (2017)
  • Agnes (2016)
  • Post Mortem (2008)
  • The Custom (2006)
  • The Little Monk (2002)
  • Forbidden Love (1995)
  • Etc.

Who Is Sonja Baum’s Husband? Is She Married? 

Sonja Baum’s marital status has been a closed book. All attempts to find about who she might be married to has’t yielded any positive results.

She has been very secretive with her love life hence our difficulty in finding out about who she may be in a relationship with.

However, from what we gathered, it’s very likely that the talented actress is without a husband. The only thing she posts on her instagram account that is not work related is her daughter.

Aside that, no man features on her instagram as her husband or partner.

Does Sonja Baum Have Any Kids? 

Yes. Sonja Baum has a daughter who is barely ten years old. She lives with her in Cologne and showers her with all the love she deserves.

She makes time off her busy schedules to spend quality time with her and post her on social media whenever she deemed fit. Unfortunately, our checks were not able to ascertain who the father of her daughter is.

We do not know if she is still with the father of her daughter or separated

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