Some of us cannot go to church because of you – Isaac Adongo to Ken Ofori Atta


Isaac Adongo, a member of parliament for Bolgatanga Central, claimed that Ken Ofori-Atta, minister of finance, had discouraged him and others from attending church because of his “misuse” of biblical passages.

He claims that Ofori-Atta frequently uses the Bible to support policies and acts that are burdensome for common Ghanaians, a practice that denigrates Christianity.

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After the Finance Minister updated the chamber on the government’s Domestic Debt Exchange Program, the legislator made this statement on the floor of Parliament.

“This is not a joke; you are even quoting the Bible. Which of the Bibles are you quoting? Quoting the Bible and taking our money? You are denying the poor pensioner his/her money and you are still quoting the Bible? As a country, we are not angry enough. This cannot happen to anybody. You are here reading this boring and underwhelming statement to us and yet you are taking our money,” Adongo lamented.


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