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How to Start snail Farming in Ghana. Complete Guide

I am going to teach you exactly how to start snail farming in Ghana and make huge profits.

Snail farming has to do with the rearing and multiplication of snails for meat and cosmetic purposes.

Snail farming is very uncommon especially in our part of the world where the act of picking snails is common especially in rural areas.

It is one of the agribusiness you can start with zero capital.

Yes, I mean zero.

Just go into the bush, pick some snails, erect some sticks at your backyard and put shade over it.

You’ve started snail farming.

Paying apt attention and giving this business commitment can make you millions of money.

Starting with 100 snails can produce about 5,000 snails in a year.

It can supplement your current income and sustain you financially.

I urge the unemployed youth, fresh graduate and anyone interested in agribusiness to venture into snail rearing in Ghana.

Snail farming is one of the underexplored agribusiness ventures in Ghana.

It will be wise to start one as the demand for snail meat is always on the rise.

Snail meat is expensive and its consumed by most people in Ghana.

It is rich in vitamins and cholesterol free.

Snail also has cosmetic uses.

Are you ready to start snail rearing?

Let us get started.

Knowing the basics.

Rearing snails require little capital as compared with others like poultry farming, piggery and grasscutter rearing.

There are different breeds of snails.

The breed you choose to rear will determine how successful you can become.

Write a business plan.

Get your entire business documented on paper.

The business plan should include the following.

  • Name of the business
  • The amount you are starting with
  • How you intend to raise capital
  • The number of breeding stock you are starting with
  • The location of the business
  • How you’ll market your products to potential customers.

After you are successfully done putting up a business plan, it is time to start the actual farm.

What must you do?

How to start the snail rearing business.

Before you commence the farm make sure you have enough capital, a space for rearing, breeding stock and other available accessories to facilitate the process.

Choose a suitable location and structure for the farm.

In snail farming choosing where to keep the snails is very important as a change in weather conditions can adversely affect the progress of the farm.

The common risk associated with snail farming is the ability to provide the right the right ambient temperature and humidity for growing the snails.

Two models can be adopted in rearing snails.

They are the free range system and the pen system.

The pen type is more secure than the range.

Whichever system you pick, you should follow some basic principles to ensure the snails are producing maximally.

In choosing an environment, consider the following:

  • Choose a place that is free from wind
  • Choose soil that have enough moisture (water) and other minerals like calcium. Do not rear snails in clay soil. It can dry up and trap the eggs inside
  • The farm should be covered with a mesh to prevent predators such as hawks from feeding on the snails
  • Provide a very cool and humid environment.
  • Plant vegetables to serve as a shade and feed. Examples of such vegetables are cocoyam, dwarf banana, potato, etc. The plants should not be taller than the top of the structure

If you are using the free range system, you need to plant the plants and wait for them to fully mature over a period of 3 to 4 months.

The snails will suffer heat if the plants are not fully grown to provide shade.

Unless otherwise you have another alternative for provision of shade.

The next thing is to treat the soil and make sure all resident termites and other living organisms are killed to make the farm secured.

Building a completely suitable snail house requires time and expertise. If you have any challenges in the farm construction, kindly call us for assistance. 0203 256 997


Sourcing the snails.

This is an important aspect you need to pay attention to.

The source of your snails will determine the productivity of the farm.

Avoid getting breeding stock from market vendors.

The best place to get your snails is the bush or from a snail farmer who is reselling.

Make sure you get snails that are at their point of laying eggs.

Once you stock it won’t take much time to see them laying.

The price of the snails will depend on the season and your ability to negotiate.

Which species of snails must you go for?

There are several species of snails in Ghana but the common one that is mostly consumed and grow so fast is the Ghanaian giant snail (botanical name: Achatina achatina).


Taking care of the snails.

The most challenging time every snail farmer faces in Ghana is the dry season.

Naturally, snails do not like dryness.

How do you overcome this?

You can overcome this big hurdle by doing the following:

  • Water / wet your farm at least two or three times daily (morning, afternoon and evening) to make the environment moist. You can use water hose to achieve this.


Other management tips.

  • Burry exposed eggs inside the solid


Feeding the snails

For proper shell formation, the snail feed should be rich in calcium.

Buy already prepared snail feed or prepare it yourself.

You can collect the shells of dead snails, grind it and mix it into the soil again for the present snails to feed on.

Snails also can feed on leaves of the plants on the farm.

Marketing and selling the snails.

You can harvest mature snails during the night.

This is because in the day time it is difficult to locate them.

Snail cost much in the market and so you are not scared of low pricing.

You can sell to other local famers, restaruants and retailers.

I believe this guide has given you an insight about what snail farming is.

Some of the important things come with experience.

Have you already started a snail farm or you are planning to start one?

Either way, proceed and leave a comment in the comments section.

Let us interact and share ideas.

Thank you.


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