Friday, June 2, 2023

Side Effects Of Masturbation In Male Daily, Full Details. June 2023

The practice of Masturbation is increasingly widespread in our society, particularly among the youth. This can be traced back to the internet’s current ease of access to phonographic material.

There are many pornographic sites on the internet nowadays that sometimes leaves many of us confused. Many of these sites advertise themselves on many targeted platforms where they can get young individuals to watch.

There is a high chance that a person who masturbates also loves watching porn. It is often the viewing of pornographic materials that causes an individual to masturbate. 

Many people who indulge in this act do it without knowing the implications that come with it. I will take you through some of the main side effects of Masturbation in guys in this post. 

Let’s delve right into it. 

Side Effects Of Masturbation 

1. Erectile Dysfunction: This is the inability of a man to obtain a full erection when about to have sex with a woman. Excessive pornography and Masturbation harm your ability to feel genuinely turned on. When you watch porn, you only get an erection, but when you’re with a lady, you only get a faint or non-existent erection.

2. Premature ejaculation (1 Minute man): This is a problem that occurs when a man ejaculates too early when with a woman, even before or shortly after penetration, leaving him weak and unable to achieve another penetration.

This problem is common among people who begin masturbating early, as your nervous system has been trained to ejaculate very quickly when masturbating for fear of being caught by your parents. So you teach your mind that when you’re stressed, you need to ejaculate quickly, and your body adapts.


3. Delay ejaculation: A condition in which a man is unable to achieve orgasm/ejaculation while having sex; delay ejaculation often occurs in conjunction with a weak erection; it is caused by prolonged porn and Masturbation combined with holding back ejaculation; this happens when a man stimulates his sex organ to the point of release and then holds back, waiting for the sensation to subside, before resuming and repeating the process.


4. Severe social anxiety: People who engage in active Masturbation are more likely to have low self-esteem due to their inability to be confident and relaxed in public.

How To Stop Masturbating 

Below are the six(6) simple steps that will aid you in your journey to stop masturbating once and for all. 

  1. Understand why you masturbate
  2. Know your masturbation triggers
  3. Find an accountability partner
  4. Download a porn blocker for your laptop and phone
  5. Retrain your mind to stop Masturbation
  6. Start actively improving your life

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