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Shoprite Ghana Products, Locations, and Contact details. May 2023

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Shoprite is a food retailer. It is originally a South African company and has one of its branches in Ghana.

Shoprite is well noted for its quality yet very affordable products comparatively. In fact, retailing of quality goods at low prices is the company’s priority. And this has helped the company grow very fast across Africa and has been Africa’s largest food retailer.

Offering its customers world-class shopping experience on a variety of food products, household goods at the lowest prices are what the company normally does. This in turn, help customers to buy goods in bulk.

Shoprite launched its first Flagship store in Accra in 2007. Since then, it has opened another 9 stores across Accra. And had employed Ghanaian workers not less than 600 people across the capital.

Shoprite is very proud of supplanting the local enterprises which are already in existence. And also, its commitment to supporting local enterprise is very great.

Ever since its inception in Ghana, it has built relationship with leading Ghanaian suppliers, small business and farmers and has helped in securing an assortment of local brands.

Shoprite continuously contributes to the well being of the community by actively helping the needy. Especially those in the orphanages, supporting education in a more deprived community.

Shoprite has immensely helped these communities aside retailing quality product at relatively low prices to them.

Shoprite items and Prices in Ghana.

As said earlier, Shoprite generally retails foods and some household items. The following are some of the items in Shoprite Ghana;

  1. Canned meat
  2. Milk
  3. Sugar
  4. Oil
  5. Tomato paste
  6. Soft drinks/ fruit juice
  7. Bathing and laundry soap
  8. Breakfast Drinks
  9. Cookies/ Biscuit
  10. Rice /noodles
  11. Toiletries
  12. Tooth brush/ paste
  13. Sardines

Aside this, it was selling some household appliance.

Shoprite branches in Ghana

  1. Shoprite Osu

Location: Oxford St. Accra

Tel. 024 165 2947


  1. Shoprite Accra Mall

Location: Accra Mall Tetteh Quarshie

Tel.030 282 3025


  1. Shoprite Kumasi Mall

Plot 5,6 &, 7 Lake Rd, Kumasi

Tel. 055 656 1022


  1. Shoprite Achimota Mall

Cnr Nsawam & St. Johns Dome

Tel. 024 350 0498


  1. Shoprite The Junction

Location: Junction Shopping Mall, 3 Emmause

2nd Close, Labone, Accra

Tel. 027 105 7335


  1. Shoprite Glahco

Oxford St, Mall

Tel. 024 370 0623


  1. Shoprite Junction Mall

Location: The Junction Mall

Tel. 054 011 9775


  1. Shoprite West Hills

Location: West Hills Mall -Cape Coast Rd, Accra

Tel. 0540 010 5952

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Shoprite is a South African brand with branches across Africa.

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