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Shiva is a well-known Indian Tamil actor, comedian, radio host, and dialogue writer, and his diverse skills and perfect comic timing have made a lasting impression on the Tamil cinema industry. Shiva, who was raised in the entertainment industry, first gained popularity as a radio host on Radio Mirchi, where he was given the charming nickname “Mirchi Shiva.”

Early and Career

Shiva charmed listeners on the radio as a radio host before entering the movie business. His amiable demeanor and clever repartee on Radio Mirchi won many fans, setting the stage for his eventual triumph in the motion picture business.

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Shiva made his screen debut in the 2001 movie “12B,” where he played Shaam’s pal in a supporting capacity. But it wasn’t until 2007 that he came into his own as the protagonist in Venkat Prabhu’s sports comedy “Chennai 600028,” which had eleven rookie performers. Shiva’s future partnership with Venkat Prabhu in “Saroja” (2008), which made him a bankable actor in the business, was made possible by the film’s popularity.

Shiva’s career took off after “Thamizh Padam,” a satire that mocked modern Tamil films, was released in 2010. His flawless performance won him a lot of praise, and the comedy proved how good he was. The movies “Va Quarter Cutting” and “Kalakalappu” cemented his reputation as a comedic genius.

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Though Shiva gained popularity in humor, he showed off his flexibility in the 2011 romantic drama “Pathinaaru.” His humorous skill has kept viewers enthralled throughout the years in movies like “Ya Ya” (2013) and “Thillu Mullu” (2013). Shiva stands apart in the business with his seamless delivery of funny one-liners and his ability to pull off ridiculous jokes with a straight face.

Shiva’s career continued to flourish with films like “Masala Padam” (2015), “144” (2015), and “Kalakalappu 2” (2018), the sequel to the earlier hit. The long-awaited sequel “Thamizh Padam 2” (2018) further demonstrated his enduring popularity and ability to connect with the audience through humor.

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His contributions aren’t limited to acting alone; Shiva has also lent his voice to films like “Vandi” (2018) and “Charlie Chaplin 2” (2019), showcasing his versatility beyond the on-screen realm.

Who is Shiva’s Girlfriend?

Shiva is married. He got married on 15 November 2012 to his longtime girlfriend and former-level badminton player Priya.


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