Sergio Friscia Girlfriend. All you need to know

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A vibrant figure in the Italian entertainment industry, Sergio Friscia was born in Palermo on April 27, 1971. Throughout his career as an actor, showman, radio host, television presenter, and musician, Friscia has made his audience laugh, sing, and dance their way to lasting memories.

Early Life

Friscia began his career as a disc jockey in Palermo’s colorful discos in 1986. The city had no idea this youthful prodigy would grow into a multifaceted performer who graced stages and small screens throughout Italy.


In 1990, Friscia made his mark on Sicilian television stations, creating and hosting a variety of comedy programs. His unique blend of humor and charisma quickly garnered attention, setting the stage for a flourishing career in the entertainment industry.

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The turning point came in 1997 when he joined the cast of “Macao Comedians,” broadcast on Rai 2. Beyond the laughter-inducing sketches, Friscia delved into the world of fiction and film. Notable roles include his portrayal of Nardo Abate in the acclaimed “Squadra Antimafia – Palermo Oggi” series, where he played the older brother of Rosy Abate in the first two seasons.

He demonstrated his versatility as an actor in the movies with roles such as Professor Saro Li Causi in “Quell’estate Happy” and the antagonist in “Oggi Sposi.” With his riveting performances, Friscia demonstrated that he could move from the tiny screen to the big screen with ease.

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In 2015, Friscia showcased yet another facet of his artistic expression with the release of his first musical album, “L’altro Me.” Produced by Studio Chirco, the album added a melodic dimension to his artistic repertoire.

The first autobiographical book Friscia wrote, “Un giro vita da mediano,” was released in 2017. This accomplishment raised his profile even more. With an emphasis on the path that shaped the performer they know and love, the book gives readers a window into his life.

From 2009 until 2019, Friscia gained popularity on Rai 2’s “Mezzogiorno in Famiglia” television program, winning over fans all around Italy. He became a beloved character on weekend television because of his captivating appearance and sense of humor.

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In 2020, he triumphantly returned to radio, co-hosting “Tutti Crazy for RDS” and demonstrating his cross-platform popularity.

In the satirical news program “Striscia la Notizia,” Friscia played the character of Beppe Grillo in 2020, showcasing his flexibility in political criticism and satire.

From October 24, 2022, Friscia embarked on another exciting chapter as he returned to host “Striscia la Notizia” with Roberto Lipari.

Who is Sergio Friscia’s Girlfriend?

There is no information about Sergio Friscia’s girlfriend. It seems he keeps his romantic relationship out of the public.


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