Secret Roofing Designs In Ghana


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The designs utilized to make the roofs or the designs employed in their construction determine how beautiful they are. In Ghana, there are some obscure roofing patterns that affect how attractive and practical roofs are. Because it is obscured from view and difficult to see, secret roofing styles got their moniker.

You can choose the ideal roofing designs for your home by having a thorough understanding of the different types of roofing. The use of contemporary technology has greatly improved the building sector. Ghana, a developing nation, has fallen short when it comes to roofing design inventiveness. We haven’t been able to adopt roofing designs that better fit a roof’s functions and provide extra benefits. This article covers all you need to know about the hidden roofing styles that are becoming more popular in Ghana.

What Is Secret Roofing?

Secret roofing designs are those that include a roof that is hidden from view. Its construction prevents the roofing from being seen by the general population. Consequently, the house’s beauty is enhanced. With the aid of short walls built at the points of the roof, the roof’s pitch, which is between 0 and 10 degrees, is hidden from public view.

The beauty of some rooftops is constrained by their structure and visibility. Some roofs lose their aesthetic appeal when they begin to corrode or lose their color.

In Ghana, building contractors advise using a variety of obscure roofing patterns. It ranges from straightforward to intricate designs. By using two roofs, roof designers create hidden roofs. The second one, which is only visible from the bottom, serves as the roof’s eaves. The main roof is the initial roof, also referred to as the cosmetic roof.

How Can I Hide My Roof?

Depending on the roof’s characteristics, it might be transformed into entirely concealed roofing. However, unless there are complete adjustments, some roofing may be impossible to adapt into concealed roofing.

How Can I Make My Roof Energy-Efficient?

You can improve the energy efficiency of your roof in the following ways:

  • Ensuring proper roof ventilation.
  • Selecting a light colour for your roof.
  • Improving insulation under the roof.
  • Adding solar panels to the roof

What Colour Roof Is Most Energy Efficient?

Lightly colored roofs are the most energy-efficient, as was previously stated. This is due to the fact that, in contrast to dark colored roofs, they reflect light and heat quite strongly.

What Is a Parapet Roof?

A parapet roof is a type of roofing that has walls built up past the roof’s edge all the way around it.

The aesthetics and security of the roof are enhanced by parapet roofing. It could be viewed as a roof design that is connected to a mysterious roofing design system.

Advantages Of Secret Roofing

There are several advantages to secret roofing designs in the building industry. The following are some benefits of covert roofing designs in Ghana:

1. Low cost:

In comparison to other roofing styles, secret roofing designs building materials are less expensive. They are quite cost-effective and consequently low budget-friendly. In Ghana, covert roofing styles are increasingly popular.

2. Modernisation and Beauty:

Great and contemporary architectural styles give secret roofing ideas a lot of environmental adaptability. The house is made gorgeous and elegant by these roofing designs.

3. Easy installation:

Secret roofing styles are relatively simple to install. They save time and money by not requiring as many trusses as some other roofing systems. The installation of a secret roofing system in Ghana can be completed in a few days, depending on the size of the building. Furthermore, labor costs are less because constructing concealed roof designs involves less danger.

4. Easy repairs and maintenance:

Since the public cannot see the covert roofing system, all patches or repairs will likewise be hidden from view. These roofing styles are simpler to repair and maintain than other roofing types since the cost of repairs is much lower. They are also simple to climb and examine.

5. Creation of space:

The roof has a lot of room that can be used for other things. Most frequently, air conditioning units are placed on these places to make use of them.

Disadvantages Of Secret Roofing Designs

The following are some drawbacks of concealed roofing designs in Ghana.

1. Drainage issue:

Water stays on top of the roof for a very long time as a result of the sides of the roof being covered by short walls. If the engineering designs of the roof gutters and slope are not carried out by professionals, this becomes more difficult. Secret roofing plans do not drain as effectively as a typical roof should.

2. Short lifespan:

The materials utilized to build concealed roofings enable them to last for roughly 15 years. Secret roofings are inferior to ordinary roofs, which have a lifespan of between 30 and 40 years.

3. Regular maintenance:

They prevent waste, refuse, plant debris, and other objects from dropping freely from the roof of concealed roofings because short walls are present at their sides.

Additionally, the low roof pitch also contributes to the obstruction of trash on the roof. As a result, regular maintenance is required to clean the roof.

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