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Sebastian Krumbiegel is a well-known musician, singer, and band member of Die Prinzen. Krumbiegel was born in Leipzig, Germany, and his musical journey is an intriguing story of talent, adaptability, and a passionate love for music. From his early years at the Thomasschule zu Leipzig to the founding of “Phoenix” and his eventual inclusion in “Die Prinzen,” Krumbiegel has made a significant impact on the German music scene.

Early Life and Education

In his formative years in Leipzig, Sebastian Krumbiegel began his musical journey. From 1976 to 1985, he was a student at the Thomasschule zu Leipzig, where in 1985 he passed the Abitur test. He developed a passion for music during this time, which is when it first began. He formed the rock band “Phoenix” in 1981 with his classmate Wolfgang Lenk, which marked the beginning of his musical career.

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In the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA), East Germany’s armed forces, Krumbiegel served from 1985 to 1987. He kept up with his musical endeavors while serving in the military, rising to the position of lead singer for the group “Rockpol.”

Krumbiegel attended the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig from 1987 to 1991 after completing his NVA service. He co-founded the group “Die Herzbuben” during this time along with Wolfgang Lenk, Jens Sembdner, and Henri Schmidt. When Tobias Künzel joined the group in 1991, the group gained yet another important member. At this point, the group’s name was changed to “Die Prinzen.”

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Their catchy tunes and amusing lyrics won them admirers across the nation and abroad.

Sebastian Krumbiegel broadened his range of artistic endeavors in 1998 by establishing the “Club Geheimrat” and putting out his debut solo album, “Krumbiegel – Kamma mache nix.” Beyond the context of a band, his solo career demonstrated his musical talent.

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The release of Krumbiegel’s second solo album, “Geradeaus abgebogen,” in 2004 further established his reputation as a talented musician. He even dabbled in acting in 2005, portraying Axel in the movie “Max und Moritz Reloaded.”

Sebastian Krumbiegel’s Fortune

Sebastian has an estimated net worth of $5 million. The primary source of his worth is from his musical career.

Sebastian Krumbiegel’s Family

Krumbiegel’s family is no stranger to the world of music. His brother, Martin Krumbiegel, is a tenor and musicologist, showcasing the family’s deep-rooted musical heritage.


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