Sarah Pagung CV: All You Need To Know

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Sarah Pagung may have many parts as a person but she can be described as a renowned political theorist and researcher.

She is noted for investigating the impact Russian propaganda and information strategy had on Germany.

It must be noted that Sarah Pagung worked as a Program Officer at the Robert Bosch Centre.

As part of her work, she co-ordinated the Eastern Partnership and Russia Discussion Group with John Hopkins University until December 2018.

It must be emphasized that Sarah Pagung was also the agent for Carl Friedrich Goerdeler-Kolleg between 2013 and 2015.

She was quite exceptional in promoting international relations and shaping foreign policies based on the extraordinary skills and knowledge she had as a person.

Over the years, Sarah Pagung has been involved with a lot of activities but she is currently pursuing research that touches on the results of Russian propaganda and information strategy on Germany.

This research is carried out at the Freie Universitat Berlin abs and it is the same she had her studies in Political Theory.

Sarah Pagung is also an aide instructor at Freie Universitat Berlin and she is involved in the teaching of European International Relations and Eastern Europe.

Sarah Pagung CV

It can also be established that Sarah Pagung also serves in the capacity of Theological College facilitator in various capacities at different times.

Sarah Pagung has in-depth knowledge in the field of Political Science and this is so because apart from her research on Russian Propaganda and Information Strategy, she also makes time to study Moldovan politics.

It must be noted that Sarah Pagung has managed to keep her personal life out of the public domain.

Her date of birth is not known but she is believed to be between the ages of 30 to 35.

She is also an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. While growing up, she experienced a lot of difficulties and her family had to go through financial instability.

As a kid, Sarah Pagung was diagnosed with a learning disability but she did not allow that disability to disorient her.

She worked so hard to improve her academic performance and match up to her peers at school.

Sarah Pagung has managed to keep the identity of her husband away from the public.

She is estimated to be worth over $ 1 billion and she is seen as an epitome of innovation, hard work and determination.

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