Samsu Oil Price in Ghana 2020

In this article, we at Ghana Insider are going to let you know all about the sexual enhancement drug, Samsu oil.

Samsu oil is a herbal oil for men who are troubling with premature ejaculation.

It is actually not something to write home about when a man give in too early in bed, it makes their partners unsatisfied and leaves them frustrated.

Premature ejaculation is a big deal and can affect any man across the globe.

I find it very delighting to present to you, the price of the oil and how to go about with the use.

This post will entail some history about the Samsu oil, its uses, how to apply for the best result, side effects and Samsu oil prices in Ghana.

A lot of premature cases are caused by extreme penile hypersensitivity.

If you are in this team, do not be much disturbed, you are not alone in this.

Your condition can be managed or treated with a product called SAMSU OIL.  


What is SAMSU OIL?

Samsu oil is a herbal curative made in Jakarta in Indonesia. It was made purposely for managing premature ejaculation in men.

This herbal remedy is made with natural ingredients.

This makes is suitable for all skin types and highly recommended than pharmaceutical drug.

There are sadly a lot of fake Samsu oil in the market, but the one with Samsu super oil is the original brand of the company.


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It is used for people suffering from premature ejaculation only. This is the only work of this oil.

It does nothing more and nothing less. If your problem is not caused by any diagnosed disease or psychological issues, then this oil can work perfectly well for you.

Again, samsu oil is developed mainly for men who are 18 years and above, meaning if you are not 18 years yet, you cannot apply this oil.

Also you have to note that, you cannot use this product as substitute for any prescribed medicine. With all these, it is still the best in curing premature ejaculation.

Samsu oil manages or treat premature ejaculation by reducing the oversensitivity of the penis.

It also prolong climaxing to about 25 minutes and even more.

Also, it helps improve ones sexual energy. When samsu oil is applied correctly, it cures poor erection issues.

Table of Contents

Samsu Oil Price in Ghana.

The price of Samsu oil depends on the area you are buying it.Wholesale price cost Gh₵ 30. Retailers have different prices depending on their location.

Below are some retail prices at different locations in Ghana;

Oil Price
Original Samsu Oil, Gh₵40
Samsu Delay Ejaculation Oil Gh₵45
Samsu Super Oil Gh₵50
Original Samsu Oil Gh₵60
  • Original Samsu Oil, Ga South Municipal, Greater Accra Gh₵40
  • Samsu Delay Ejaculation Oil, Teshie-Nungua Estates, Greater Accra Gh₵45
  • Samsu Super Oil, Kumasi Metropolitan Ashanti Gh₵50
  • Original Samsu Oil, Kwabre, Ashanti Gh₵60Samsu Oil Price in Ghana 2020 1

Prices might be different at your area but I am sure it won’t be much different from these.

Things to note

  • The oil will not give you a strong erection.
  • It cannot be used to increase the size of your organ.
  • Do not abuse the drug. Don’t use it more often and aggressively. Ensure that the oil is applied correctly at all times.
  • It cannot boost your libido.
  • The oil was not developed to give multiple erections. It can only prolong your erection.


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How to use Samsu Oil for effective result.

The application of samsu oil is key to it functioning effectively. If it is over applied it will have a side effect and if a little is applied, it might not produce the expected result.

If you want the samsu oil to work effectively for you, kindly follow the following guidelines.

  • Turn the opening bottle against the tip f your finger to get a drop.
  • Start with about 4 drops of on a non- absorptive surface.  
  • Apply the drop on your finger to the cup of your organ and let it go round the shaft. Wait for about 4 seconds for it to dry up.
  • Apply it between 30 minutes and 2 hours before engaging in any sexual intercourse. You can wash it 15 minutes after applying.

 A bottle can last up to about 12 times of use.


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Side Effects of using Samsu Oil

Every drug is with a side effect, Samsu oil is no different. All the same the side effect of the oil is moderate and when you apply the oil correctly, you will not even feel it. The following are some of Samsu oil’s side effect;

  1. It numbs you if you apply too much of it.


2. If you apply too much it will look like you have applied a hot balm. The more you apply, the hotter you feel.

Samsu oil is amazing when used in the right way.

Samsu Oil Price in Ghana 2020 4
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