Rüdiger Wolff’s Cause of Death. All You Need To Know. Full Details

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Rüdiger Wolff was born on May 30 , 1953, in Eckernförde as Rüdiger Pollack but he died on December 14, 2023, in Hamburg . Rüdiger Wolff was a German actor, presenter as well as singer, composer and lyricist. It must be noted that he grew up in Flensburg and at age 8, he had his first singing performance in the Church of St. Michael.

Four years later, Rüdiger Wolff was selected as one of the three boys in Mozart’s Magic Flute at the municipal theater. The first lead role of Rüdiger Wolff was at the “Niederdeutsche Bühne” (NDB) in 1973. He had his education at the University of Hamburg where he studied German and history. Rüdiger Wolff had acting training at the “Hamburgisches Schauspielstudio”.

As a singer, Rüdiger Wolff is known to have released 30 singles and more than six albums. His albums include Time drives a car (Himmelszelt Records, 2012), Christmas with You (Akasa Records, 2009), Thirteen songs – Rüdiger Wolff sings Theodor Storm (Akasa Records, 2008), Love Gives ( MCP Sound & Media, 2006) (with Katharina Wolff), Together with You (Lacrima Records, 2005), Nordic Sky ( Ganser & Hanke Media, 2003), Do it for love (Ganser & Hanke Media, 2002), Until we meet again (Ganser & Hanke Media, 2001), When you go (Wolff/Ramond, 2001) and Very Close (QED, 2001).

Some of the singles to the credit of Rüdiger Wolff include So-called class women (promotional single) (Himmelszelt Records, 2012), Our Christmas Tree (Promotional single) (Akasa Records, 2010), It’s Cold Outside (Promotional Single) (Akasa Records, 2009), Never Say Never (with Katharina Wolff) (promotional single) (Akasa Records, 2009), Look Its Snowing (Promotional Single) (Akasa Records, 2008), Live For Your Dreams (with Katharina Wolff as “HEARTBEAT”) (Akasa Records, 2008), Now or Never (with Katharina Wolff) (MCP, 2008), It Must Be Love (with Katharina Wolff) (MCP, 2007), A New Morning (with Katharina Wolff) (MCP, 2006), Somewhere in the World (with Katharina Wolff) (Promotional single) (Lacrima Records, 2006), Love Gives (with Katharina Wolff) (promotional single) (Lacrima Records, 2006), Summertime (Lacrima Records, 2005) and Mother/ My heart stays with you (instrumental version) (Lacrima Records, 2005).

Rüdiger Wolff worked as an actor in television productions such as Tatort, Großstadtrevier, Heimatgeschichte, Tanja, The Moon Also Shines for Subtenants, News from Süderhof and The Children of the Alstertal. He has also been a regular at the Ohnsorg Theater in Hamburg, since October 2005. In 2014, Wolff was diagnosed with the incurable disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Rüdiger Wolff’s Cause of Death. All You Need To Know

Rüdiger Wolff died on December 14, 2023, in Hamburg . Prior to his death, Wolff was diagnosed with the incurable disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 2014.  As of now, there is no information to suggest that Rüdiger Wolff died of the incurable disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or otherwise.

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