Rosi Hochegger Cause of Death: Full Details

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Rossi Hochegger was a famous animal teacher. She was well known for her playful performances with her bed horse as well as pack of dogs. Rossi Hochegger performed at the CVA spring weekend in Alspace . She was on stage at the Royal Palace in Kirrwiller.

Her father was Toni Hochegger. He came to Circus Knie in 1951 as an animal keeper. Not only was he responsible for the welfare of the animals but he had the responsibility and duty of showing Knie: horses and exotic animals throughout Europe.

It is refreshing to note that Toni Hochegger was very loyal to the Swiss National Circus for a total of 18 years before becoming independent. Later in 1954, Toni Hochegger married Rosi’s mother, Barbara Lange from the Duo Mascott. The Duo were then world-renowned for their head-to-head equilibrium without advantage.

Rosi Hochegger was born on February 19, 1965, and she spent her early years with her grandmother in Berlin, Germany. The passion for animals was transferred from Toni Hochegger to Rosi Hochegger.

It needs to be known that Rosi Hochegger at the age of 17, began her artistic career as an actress and stuntwoman. This was at the Karl May Festival and not long after, Rosi Hocheggee got her first horse.

This motivated her to take up a career in the ring with animals. Sooner than later, Rosi Hochegger moved away from the shadows of her father and became independent. She developed her own style and over the years, she worked with both dogs and horses, placing emphasis on comedy in each of her performances.

Rosi Hochegger was on tour with the Circus Harlekin in 2002. Rosi Hochegger and her dogs were awarded the Silver Clown at the 38th International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. She also took part in the summer tour with the Swiss National Circus Knie.

Rosi Hochegger was also made it to the final of RTL-Supertalent with her bed horse Scout.

Rosi Hochegger Cause of Death

Rosi Hochegger died on the night of September 15 to September 16, 2022. She died at the age of 57. It was reported that her death was unexpected.


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