Rosanna Rocci Daughter: Full Details

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Rosanna Rocci is an Italian pop singer born on October 28, 1968. It must be noted that Rosanna Rocci grew up in Switzerland and at age 4, she relocated to Italy’s Abruzzi region with her family. She had two sisters.

Even though the organetto was the preserve of men in Italy, Rosanna Rocci learned to play the organetto at an early age. She played for the composer Hanne Haller during an event in Germany as well as played for the lyricist Bernd Opinioner. She went on tour in the early 1990s with Tony Christie and Umberto Tozzi and through that she became internationally known and recognized.

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She made appearances on several hit parades and television events as a guest. Rosanna Rocci started working on German recordings from 1992. She  performed as a duo with her husband, Michael Morgan. Michael Morgan is also a pop singer. I Belong To You was their first hit and they won the Golden Muse at the German Schlager Festival in 1999.

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Rosanna Rocci has a contract with the music label called Zoom Music. She released the album 5.0 to herald her 50th birthday.

Rosanna Rocci Daughter

Rosanna Rocci is not known to have a daughter


Rosanna Rocci got married to Michael Morgan in 1997. They had a son together. Later in June 2020, Rosanna Rocci and Michael Morgan divorced.


Albums and Singles

Some of the albums of Rosanna Rocci are 1992: Rosanna, 1994: Headfirst into life, 1996: My fire burns, 1998: Amore, Amore, 1999: Emotions, 2001: I Live for You (with Michael Morgan), 2001: Heart over head in love, 2001: Rosanna, 2001: Un Poco di Amore, 2002: Dolce Vita, 2002: Headfirst into life, 2003: But please with heart, 2003: Ti Amo Ancora and 2004: Felicita – Love Up Close (with Michael Morgan).

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Her singles also include 1990: Mister, Mister, 1991: Theresa, 1991: My Family, 1992: Chaka Chaka, 1993: Anyone who closes their eyes will never see the truth (as part of Courage for Humanity ), 1994: Vino e Pane, 1995: Perche no – why not, 1996: Mamma Mia, 1996: Ciao mio amore (with Andreas Fulterer ), 1997: Ritornerai and 1999: I Belong to You (with Michael Morgan).

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